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You're right here on seven seven thirty thirty seven sixty six sixty six seven full disclosure. These two rockets. A nineteen point lead against the wall. Dangerously brutal loss for Houston. That all being said, I totally understand the critique and the boy that they put on Scott foster who is a hideous official who is an official that always seems to be the star. And there's nothing worse than sports in my opinion. When the official thinks they are that guy when they think they are bigger than the game. And I understand James Horne had a couple of questionable charges that went against them. And I understand James Horne fouled out of the game. That said when you have a four point game. And you got a guy like Chris Paul, Mike dantonio bellyaching, a you if you're an official you got eat it, you got to be the bigger, man. You got to walk away from that situation to basically put that came out of reach because you wanna be bigger than the game. I'm sorry. That's an absolute joke. Don't let me tell you right now. So what was alarming because I never thought any of the calls outside because I'm with you actually would not call any. I don't like the idea of technical fouls to begin with for arguing. I don't like the idea of penalizing teams points because you're arguing. Tune in the second quarter with thirty seven. And again, I'm with you. I don't like that. I think it's dopey. I'm totally with you on that in general. I don't like the idea of technical fouls. But it happens part of the game. You don't want players whining too much, which they do. Anyway, I never thought I only watch the last five minutes to this game. After I got back the hideous net loss of the trailblazers. I never thought any of the calls were that egregious. I thought that both charges against James harden. We're fair I thought they were legitimate calls. What's alarming is the rockets issues with Scott foster in general? What's alarming is the fact that this season? The rockets are oh seven when Scott foster officiates their games. What's alarming his last year in the Western Conference finals? So it isn't necessarily anything from this game a game. The Lakers need to have the Lakers basically in every game in their way, especially Sacramento lost. That last night. They almost came back against the warriors. They're battling to make the postseason. But. Anything anything was that awful in this game? But I think when you look at the scope of Foster's history with the rockets, I mean, it's it's tough to argue. There's something there is tough to argue. And I thought James harden. Well, not a huge fan off came across very compelling after the game because he was calm wasn't yelling wasn't cursing was very calm and never brought up any specific play in this game. He said, I got a problem with this guy. You know, I try to talk to them. I try to communicate with them, and it's all about him. And he's our again. And and I thought expressed his case. Well, I found myself agreeing with James harden and feeling for James harden with the comments he made after this game. And there's no denying what the record says the rockets seemed to get hosed every time they face. When Scott fosters efficient last night games. Yes. And I'm not one that's usually throwing out conspiracy theories. In fact, I dismissed somebody couple of days ago who throughout a conspiracy theory that being said Dell enter reading the Tim Donaghy article that I saw a couple of days ago on ESPN aside from calls to Tim Donaghy and his bookie we call right after that second list. Give you one guess. Well, you're going to say Scott foster, and I would just say that Tim, Donna, he's got no credibility. So I don't really care what he says. So I understand your point. And there may be something there. I fixing games. But no, I don't think. You know, what it is? We're all humans. Right. We're all human beings, and what we need officiating. And I'm Pires is for them not to be human seriously. They can't be human. They can't let the way they feel about Chris Paul. Who's a whiner? Chris Paul is a baby he always has been what athletes baby. So that's fine. I agree. I think that Scott fosters problem is probably that he's letting his feelings towards a baby. Like, Chris Paul get the better of. So I don't think anything corrupt or I'm fixing games or I'm shaving point. They influence gaps. Of course. Influence games in big ways influence an NBA game. And the easiest sport to influence. Just get the star player in foul. Trouble and get his ass on the bench. It's simple or out of the game. Of course, you can. But I think if anything if I had to assume what's going on with the rockets and Scott foster is he doesn't like Chris Paul James harden, Mike, Dan, Tony or PJ talk are eight eighty apparently every game he calls. He gets James harden into foul trouble. But the other story from this game. I think is the most compelling story outside of your own team you root for it. So for me, of course, then that's our most compelling fan. But the most compelling story in the NBA right now. And it's very rare to find compelling stories at the season. Yeah. It's the Lakers making the playoffs, and we'll do it. Yeah. It's actually a really good story. And what I like about it. The Lakers are a good basketball team the kings are a good basketball team the kings last night. I don't know if you saw how they almost came back buddy healed had not hit a three in this game was actually having a pretty good game. But has not hit a three hits back toback. Threes gets them within two Andrea Gonzala goes to the line. Mrs both free throws, and buddy healed gave up. I wanna say good look from three. It would have basically been a heat. Check three Takaona take off off-balance fatally shot that ends up coming up short the kings loss, but the kings are a good team. So you've got a playoff race in the NBA. That features the biggest star since Michael Jordan in LeBron James missing the playoffs, which doesn't even seem real LeBron James missing the playoffs. And you've got a compelling playoff race that isn't about to bad teams trying to make the playoffs. It's about to good teams too. Young teams one that features the greatest player of our generation Trentham avoid the abandonment of missing the playoffs. I know the NBA ratings are down. I gotta tell you. I find the whole Laker playoff storylines sort of appealing about it. You have the trailblazers excuse me. Not in make Sara Houston Utah. San Antonio clippers the kings and the Lakers. So you have six teams. Basically between four games the difference between a five seed, and where the Lakers are is four games. Yeah. It's a lot of sizzle down the stretch here. You know, what's funny right now, the clippers of the and they've played well since they made the Tobias Harris trade, and I guess on just arguably assuming they're keeping it up agree. I'm arrogantly assuming in the Spurs are on a trip right now. Has come to New York over the weekend that the Spurs will make the playoffs. I think the jazz will make the playoffs. So I kind of you the race as a Laker king race like the old days, the big Laker king rivalry two thousand two Western Conference finals. But you're right. You do have a lot of teams that are relatively can't. Even bury the Minnesota Timberwolves. I hope Karl Anthony towns. All right in a car wreck. Yeah. Heard about that. But this actually has a chance to be a rare compelling playoff race in the NBA. And it's compelling because it features project. And the idea that LeBron James may miss the playoffs is sorta filarial on Evan. Here's the silver lining. Now. You think about the winner of that? I know we stay on your face could be another chance full Braun in the gloss Angeles link is not the Cleveland Cavaliers this time around to get their rear ends kicked by the Golden State Warriors in one note, Mr. foster, you didn't know that he was taken off a game seven between the warriors in a thunder a couple of years ago. Right. So this topnotch official said he was a top notch official. It's just that. I think his issues right now specifically in this situation is that he lets I guess he's a feelings are individual feelings towards players get. Happen. It's not a defensive the only defense. It is the only defense making of him is that I don't believe he's in any corrupt gambling scandal. And whenever that by now. But but when you bring up Tim Donaghy, that's what you're implying. No, no. No. No. No. No. No. And okay. You don't have to care. I'm just I'm telling you that when you mentioned Tim Donaghy for any reason at all. That's the implication your make hay when you have a tiny relationship. NBA facial? Sorry. No. That's fine. Problems like this. And there are trends like this. I'm not saying it's a definitive type thing some. I'm just gonna Jesus thin skinned man. Did that's a problem? You can't be thin skinned when you're an official. You said this off air I thought it was a good comparison for the baseball fans listening was ain't it appears sometimes like angel. Let's things get in the way of his emotions. And that's that. You can't do that as an official or an empire. Let's head to Anthony up next on the fan. Hello, Anthony JJ. Evan. Jay. How you guys doing? We aren't doing. Well. What's gonna listen Evan? What JJ calling Donaghy because I did want to mention that. That's not just out of thin there. They investigate. They had Donna he's records phone records from oh sticks. He called his bookie something like a hundred and twenty times, and then he called foster over one hundred and thirty five times. So again where there's smoke. There's fire. Hold on Anthony if there was enough smoke. He wouldn't be in the league, you think the NBA? How do you know because the NBA Adam silver is not a complete moron. Why one thousand four out of the six thousand Harding last night. We're all sensitive J brought up the point. Did you? Did you not? Did you not think they were legitimate calls? Did you watch the game in a league where the superstars get away with calls? I mean excuse. Jay Schwartz going to get that call. I understand what I watch candidate. Game getting a questionable. Call more times than Nyunt old think it was questionable. Anthony, Anthony, Anthony. It only speak on the two offense of fouls. I saw late in the game. I thought they were legitimate offensive fouls. So do use the excuse of well come on stars. I don't care. I'm watching the game. I thought they were both offensive fouls. And here's the point about the NBA if the NBA smelled any smoke with Scott foster, he wouldn't be in the league. Why do you think how do you think the league we keep Scott foster around? They don't want anything to do with the stench of ten Don monumental mistake. So why would they I would hope they wouldn't they wouldn't? That's the answer. They wouldn't why would the league risk something like that? We can get into conspiracy theories. Still cast come home. The bigger issue is Scott foster and the way he's dealing with players around the league. It's gotta change. Absolutely. But I think there's a difference between criticizing a guy for that. Which I'm doing and basically saying, oh, yeah. He's fixing games..

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