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They've needed to file in secret as Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega continues to crack down on his opposition newspapers. Other media outlets have exposed brutality by government and paramilitary forces. But media offices have been raided by the police. Journalists have been beaten and arrested and otherwise threatened. There's a similar story out of Nigeria military personnel showed up this week at the headquarters and other offices of the daily trust, which is one of Nigeria's largest newspapers, according to CNN to journalists were detained because the army said they published a story that put soldiers lives in danger and shared classified information. Now, David we've kind of gone through this and the US in terms of prior restraint of newspapers. It was one of the things that came up with the Pentagon papers. But talk about this case in in Nigeria and what the political environment's like right now over there. We're heading into a presidential election in Nigeria Bahari, the current president ran on a security platform. And so what you have is a newspaper reporting on the security situation, not going, particularly well in this case, it was an offensive against Boko haram who had taken certain areas in in Nigeria. And so I think we should be pretty skeptical of the idea that this is this has only to do with military secrets given the the political environment. As you mentioned can we back up to Nicaragua? Joyce, you had mentioned them, can you give us a sense of what role the press has been playing there, particularly if they've been pushing harder on Ortega's government, and that's prompted more oppression. Like, how's that plan? Right now, they are trying to push as you mentioned, they they're working and secret trying to uncover some corruption and other stories, but it's it's so I don't think it's an. Easy task especially for us. Journalists sitting in Washington to to be in their shoes to work under Ortega who has been consistent and has assault on freedom affects oppression. I think it's remains to be seen how this plays out. But it's it's not pretty one more story out of Africa. We should note Congo has finally announced the results from its election which had taken place on December thirtieth the winner. Took a number of people by surprise Felix Chesa Katie was declared the winner on Thursday. He's the opposition leader as we said that took some people by surprise. But David what was it about that that surprised people? So the backdrop to this election is that Joseph could be has been in power for eighteen years in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He's clung onto power after his term should have ended. Finally, we had delayed elections. And he and his preferred successor was up against two opposition candidates, one of whom Martin. Blue was expected to be the stronger of the two opposition candidates. Ultimately when the results were announced the other opposition candidate was declared the winner leading to speculation that could be may have cut a deal. Basically, don't investigate me. Let me keep what's mine out step aside. You can be president. Now. I I don't have that firsthand, obviously, that's just a rumblings. But, but there's no reason to be particularly credulous when it comes to election results in the Democratic Republic of Congo internet was cut off after elections because of rumblings about what the results were going to be. So this is an area where there's not a lot of trust. But I did hear from one expert that say people might be so excited to see Kabila go that they won't react negatively at the idea that these elections may not have been a credible. Although there had been some hopes David that this would be a historically democratic transfer of power for Congo. Congo has never had a democratic or peaceful transfer of power in its history. And so. This is a landmark that could be stepping aside. And yet, there's plenty of reason to think that he's not stepping aside in in a democratic format that would stand up to European standards before we get to our last story, if we could back up to secretary of state, Mike Pompeo for a moment and the Middle East trip that he's on kidding. We give us a sense of kind of where this goes from here..

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