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Let stri something right now. . Close. . Your. . Eyes and imagine a bright yellow lemon with a kitchen knife beside it. . Okay. . Do it right now? ? Now in your mind's eye see the knife cut the lemon in Hof. . Watching. . DROPS OF LEMON JUICE SPRITZ into the air and at some point in this visualization. . You will begin to salivate. . involuntarily. . This is a classic example of the mind body connection. . The image of Lebanon, , in the knife and the lemon juice was no mind. . But the saliva. . who was a secretion in your body? ? So your brain doesn't know the difference between an imaginary lemon and the real one. . The brain then triggers salivary glands it doesn't matter. . Whether. It's . in the <unk> lemon other real one. . Your mind does know the difference because you're not your brain, , you are using your brain. . Important. . Point With giant my colleague Rudy Tanzi also made in our book super brain. . The brain and mind react simultaneously. . And almost instantly to each other. . Because, , in fact, , the brain and mind our one process just as wave in particle, , a one entity or mass and energy one entity or space and time on one entity. . Soul, , it is impossible to locate where one ends and the other begins. .

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