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He showed me the apartment complex where he grew up. It looked like a couple of oversized yellow LEGO bricks spread across a carpet of grass members. So many times just memories of my father carry me of the while like, I'm wheezing it. He's got me on his shoulder. Carry me up in. He laid me in the backseat and Jason's father driving him to the hospital became a routine of his childhood hospital not far from Franklin square. And that's where I always went like they knew me walked in like the nurse like on a first name basis. Eight Jason, hey, Beth how the kids? All right. His asthma was so bad emit. He couldn't play. Like his friends. But yeah, I remember being here running around or my parents telling me like we go outside sit on the step. So without be sitting on the step watching all the kids run around play. I think maybe some of my comedy came in those moments like I mean 'cause you're left to yourself. So your magic start running while you start kind of getting more in touch with your thoughts. And I was literally forced to sit down. So in that I started observing so which will even just ten years old cases started thinking of himself like comedy recorder holding onto images and moments all around him that he could turn into jokes later as he got older his asthma improved. He's not exactly sure why he enrolled in Morgan state university historically, black college in Baltimore. That's where he met Dion. She remembers the exact moment, you got a pitcher it right Morgan state university in. The front of homes hall, which be you've for everything that you pitcher a university campus to look like it was early in their freshman year. She was with a friend when they ran into Jason. So Jason is walking towards homes hall steps. And I just remember looking and seeing. This mile. You got to understand that? There's a certain weight that comes with being a black man and the United States if a black man, smiles depending on the code of where they're from that could be viewed as weakness. And you can't afford to be a black man in the United States and be perceived as weak. So to meet Jason. And the first thing was like this warm of a genuine smile, and like does that like the. Written in college, Jason smile, and charisma were legend, oh, Jason rule work state from administration down to press collection. He. He ran wargin. He did Jason was Mr. freshman sophomore, Mr. junior, and then Mr. mortgage. When he graduated Jason still had to figure out a career his mom was an elementary school teacher. So that looked pretty safe. He took a job as a kindergarten teacher and found himself in front of a classroom of expectant five year olds. It was a tough room really good teachers are performers. I mean, you know, got a captured audience, you gotta hold their attention. You gotta learn how to move on your feet in quickly in improvise and all those types of things. Exactly what I would do the kids. He was in his element and little things the kids would do cracked him up. So he would scribble down ideas on posted notes all day long. They weren't fully formed jokes just colonels that he thought this is too good. I have to remember it. He kept all these tiny scraps of paper in ziplock bags my first time doing standby bag like this on stage, and I stood there. And I was doing today. All right. Let's begin Jason is miming dipping his hand bag without even looking at it. Like the way you would win picking a winner for raffle. Just read the notes, and I didn't look I would just like this. Then either they laughed and they didn't laugh and will put it back in. And I'll go to next one over. I think you guys will enjoy this. Yes. Decided to go all in with comedy, even as he taught kindergarten all day long. He hustled onstage seven nights a week. I will leave school draft a show due to shows.

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