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It's making me evaluate my project. The projections are not in front of me. The rankings though. I have seen announced seven allen robinson at nine and tear maclaurin at twelve. And this is i. i guess you know. There's some team makeup decisions. When you're drafting these wide receivers. I feel like my keep is teri maclaurin because in the third round i want not only. These are all safe players to me i. I'm not. i'm not concerned that one of them is going to bust right now. But as far as getting into the top five mean. i don't know that's alec can get there. And i don't know that allan robertson can get there. That's an okay way to look at it in my opinion. Because there's two scenarios here this could be the the wide receiver one if you went running back running back to start graft and if you're looking for upside like you said we've seen keenan allen. He's an elite player. You have ranked higher than term maclaurin. But i know that like a lot of people have mclaren. Locked in is an auto picking in the third round. Well i if you're looking at a guy who could finish as top three wide receiver i- keenan allen and allen. Robinson are very very safe. The targets are going to be there. You're talking over one hundred and forty targets over one hundred and fifty targets. That's that's probable. Not just in the range of outcomes that's like the assumption and so having those guys as well though. But i don't think it is because we haven't really seen him be a long term multi year target hog. You know with keenan allen robinson every single year. There are one hundred fifty targets so the safety is on their side. But i don't know that they have the athleticism at this point in their career to truly go him over the course of the season. Take four or five seven yard touchdowns the way the terry maclaurin cancer..

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