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Smoky skies to greet you and that will be true, for the next few days Hello there I'm Pat Kerrigan and. I'm smoky, skies our producer His danjus our editor. Stacey j like a friend, of stormy Daniels there does yeah so yesterday I'm at this Anoma county fair and, this, is my first, trip. To the fair this this year and I was actually had a meeting, there and and so I got there. Early so I'm walking around and it's a lunch meeting. So I'm. You know I'm just walking past the. Garlic fries Heats in the. Sandwiches and all. Of that kind, of stuff only to find that the lunch meeting was actually in a different place altogether that had like regular person lunch food. So here's your life feel gypped and all, now all I can dream about or corn. Dogs and waffle cones and cinnamon buns and. Everything else I. Saw there yesterday. But, couldn't have, oh dear well looks like you're back. Today I think so I think so because I don't think I'm going to be able to get it. Out of, my mind until I indulge, in that particular fashion I'm business Anoma county fair in. Several. Years but I recall doing events there. And. It I remember to being a massive sprawling fair it's bids thing, it's absolutely bake yeah and I it makes me, wonder about county fairs I think. There are many things about county fairs that we. All expect, and rely, on to be there you know expect The livestock. We expect the. Carnivals, and all, of those features and yet there's part. Of me that wonders we'll the county fair evolve in the way that we have I mean there's a. High tech, way Yeah and not everywhere I mean you know leave. Those standard things standard that we all go to the fair four but perhaps a certain amount of evolution. Is in, order the Dell Milkin contest The IT is fun house I can't find the any key. Robo corn, dogs. At, booth number three yes indeed I'm sure that will come faster than we. Want the artificial intelligence tent I think theoretically that already exists It's seven thirty six at k. SRO let's get to, the stories making news this morning and we start with the. Mendocino complex fire new numbers out we'll give them to, you coming up and there are let's see the improved containment numbers in. Shasta county with the car fire and that's a good piece of news and it will be a pretty summer night to spend with your. Neighbors and your law enforcement, representatives it is national night. Out invites the area Catalina area we, over the coming up, in sports so close the judges so close if it weren't for a three run Homer in the top of the night by the Astros they would have won a set for some interleague fund with dodgers and we'll tell you who the raiders are gonna tangle with Napa. For the next couple of days 737 ks RO a quick check on. Traffic or you yes we're, starting to see traffic build. Up now on highway one coming from, rohnert park to Santa, Rosa basically at Todd road the brake lights begin and it continues on and off often pockets up to the highway twelve intersection slow through Petaluma from lakeville highway to sustain you road next update will be at seven forty five Daniel true see us now with your forecast Sunny skies warm temperatures continuing today topping out at eighty. Six sixty seven on the coasts mostly clear tonight low. Fifty three mid eighties expected for Wednesday and Thursday. As well high sixties on the coast it is sixty. Six degrees you know that's got to be Cloverdale this morning and. It is fifty in Sebastopol fifty. Two in Santa Rosa it's seven. Thirty eight two ks RO Mendocino complex fire the largest. Wildfire, incident in California history and new new figures from Cal fire this morning the blazes now burned over. Two hundred ninety thousand, acres that's a gain of about seven thousand acres overnight and that fire continues to threaten. About eleven, thousand structures thirty four percent containment this morning and close. To four thousand fight fire personnel, are, battling, that blaze. One firefighter injury has been reported And the, car fire burning and Shasta and trinity counties is now over one hundred sixty four thousand acres one hundred sixty, four, four thirteen. To be exact forty-seven percent containment according to Cal fire as of yesterday the blaze has destroyed, one thousand eighty homes twenty four commercial structures and five hundred other structures and his. Damaged around one hundred ninety. Homes and, close to ninety other structures the fire continues to threaten over twelve hundred structures that. Wildfire began on. July twenty, third killed, at least seven people including two firefighters a seventy four year old former school instructional aide says he's not guilty of child. Pornography charges that's after his arrest at his American Kenyan. Home last Friday Charles Tyler Kennedy entered his plea. In Napa county superior court on Monday his arrest was. The culmination of a months long investigation that ended with the service. Of a search warrant and discovery. Of more than one hundred graphic Images on Kennedy's computer he previously worked at. A as an instructional assistant at Napa Valley college and Saint Helena's high school. And he is behind bars, on fifty thousand dollars bail and let's talk about what's happening tonight yes it's national night. Out a, chance for communities, to get to know their neighbors law enforcement agencies that. Serve on an informal basis sheriff's deputy department, commu community liaison misty Harris says the department's been invited to participate in several cities invite.

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