Ken Rogulski, FBI, Seven Months discussed on Herman Cain


Sixty wjr seven sixty wjr news ken rogulski an fbi agent removed from special counsel robert muller's team because of derogatory text messages about president trump is testify publicly for the first time you as representative bob goodlatte chairman of the house judiciary committee says lisa page recently agreed to do so late last night through her attorney lisa page did agree to appear tomorrow before the judiciary committee and to have a voluntary interview which is the start of our being able to get the answers to questions we've had for seven months now her boyfriend peter struck is also to appear today before the judiciary committee's oversight board struck was recently reassigned last summer for muller's investigation that have potential ties between russia and the trump campaign following the discovery of antitrump text messages that he had with fbi lawyer lisa page u s secretary of state mike pompeo join president trump on stage at a press conference today following the second day at the nato summit pompeo answered questions about how his recent meeting in north korea went we had a productive conversation there remains a great deal of work to do but i think most importantly my counterpart came young show made a commitment consistent with what president trump was able to achieve with chairman kim which was intended to nuclear is going to accomplish it and now the task is to get it implemented president trump has landed in england for meetings with the queen and the prime minister president trump is due to meet with ladimir putin in helsinki on monday a road rage incident ended in gunfire on a busy detroit freeway it appears one motorist shot at another lieutenant mike sean tells paul w there were plenty of witnesses rush hour at ninety four and trumbull that people probably saw something so we had quite a few stop but we're kind of hoping that somebody gives us a little bit of description of the person that fired the shot out there because we know they both stop we know that there was an a discussion between the two of them which resulted in the gunfire the man was hit drove himself to the hospital a shell casing was recovered the former dean of ms us college of osteopathic medicine has a court date today an ingham county wjr gene fogel reports the seventy year old strangle is facing trial on several felony and misdemeanor charges he's been accused of using his position of thirty on campus to harass proposition and sexually assault women he's also facing charges of his conduct an office for failing to enforce or monitor protocols that had been put in place for disgrace sports dr larry nassar back in two thousand fourteen after a student charged nassar with inappropriate conduct strap it had been nationals bauch at the university gene fogel wjr news an unusual businesses set to open tomorrow in downtown detroit the detroit shipping company made entirely of twenty two shipping containers it's two stories high it's the home to five restaurants in a coffee shop plus an interior courtyard the.

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