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But the prime minister says that should not be a second referendum. I'm Larry Miller in London. Good morning. I'm Brooke Allen for WWE. Newsradio nine fifty Ron Dewey has the day off. Let's go to CBS news at ten thirty one. CBS news update. The president again today tweeting his support for a border wall and acting White House chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, on CNN state of the union is accusing the Democrats are stalling on it president really does believe that you could solve this in ten minutes. We're asking for five point six billion dollars. They're offering us zero. It sounds like we're simply arguing about one variable. Just how much are we going to spend on that barrier on the southern border Washington democratic congressman Adam Smith on ABC's this week president seems unaware of this. But we've actually already built a wall across much of the border and all border security experts that I talked to say where a wall makes sense. It's already been built they fifteen of the partial shutdown impacting thousands of federal employees, Maryland Carruthers works for the agriculture department in Missouri. We want to go back to work we need to go back to work because we have bills to pay representatives of both sides the administration and congress meeting again this afternoon to talk about a shutdown solution. CBS news update, I'm Gary Nunn. You're listening to WWE Jane NewsRadio nine fifty in Detroit that time ten thirty two mccone county drivers rejoice the eight-month full closure of ISIS Ninety-six from is seventy five to I ninety four has come to an end both sides of the freeway have completely reopened two days ahead of schedule ninety million dollars pumped into the project in McComb county alone along the freeway, which carries about one hundred fifty thousand vehicles a day work was originally scheduled to be finished back around thanksgiving. But a three-week work stoppage over the summer delayed the opening in Britain. Brexit has sparked a bag case of buyer's remorse. CBS news correspondent Larry Miller has more Britain is set to leave the EU at the end of March. But a new poll suggests a big majority of voters no longer want Brexit, they seek a new referendum. However, Prime Minister Theresa may says that's not how democracy works continuing to vote until you get the result you want. They should not be a second referendum the Brexit deal negotiated by. With the EU was highly contentious parliament votes on it this month. Not even may knows. What happens if it's rejected then actually begin to be unchartered territory. Larry Miller CBS news London. Russia's deputy. Foreign minister is rushing back suggestions that an American citizen from no vibe being held in Moscow on suspicion of spying could be exchanged for a Russian citizen. The brother of Paul Whelan, however says he can't help but question whether the events are indeed connected, David Whelan in a statement put out by the family, maybe overblown that is a chicken. And I think if he wasn't actually sitting in a Russian Britain, shall we might not be looking at its travel from the perspective of how many times into Russia. But rather how many times he's been too many many countries around the world, the Washington Post is reporting that Paul Whalen, a forty eight year old former marine is doing as well as can be expected in a detention center. The humane society blasting the acquittal of an Idaho teacher who was accused of feeding a live puppy to a snapping turtle in front of students. Witnesses testify during the trial say junior high teacher, Robert Crossland, I tried to feed the living poppy to a large snake last March. And when that failed the witnesses say he dropped the puppy into the snapping turtles tank where the turtle killed an eight it during the trial. The jury her Crossland saying a recorded interview with investigators that he thought he was doing the right thing because the puppy was sick and likely to die. Wisconsin will be ushering in a new governor Monday democrat, Tony Everts will be sworn in he defeated outgoing governor Scott Walker a Republican. Iverson's already battling the Republican controlled legislature, which recently voted to take away some gubernatorial authority election phones that no expectation that this would turn into let's take power away from incoming executive branch, but GOP legislator, rob swearing in defense. His party's moves. What we did do is make sure that all sides are at the table moving forward. And I think that that's what's called co equal branches of government. The controversy could wind up in court, Bruce, Marcus, four CBS news eagle river, Wisconsin. Meanwhile, California governor Jerry Brown will be retiring tomorrow as the longest serving governor of the Golden State after sixteen years in the governor's office during his lifetime outgoing governor. Jerry Brown is walking away now headed to his ranch in northern California. When I asked about what he considered to be his most, important achievements. The first thing he mentioned was saving California from a massive. Deficit. We took a state. There was ungovernable. It was looked like it was totally out of control. It'd been floundering financially twenty seven billion in the red. And now we're twenty seven billion in the black. We've got the money, but Brown's most controversial project bullet train is still a work in progress. That's KCBS TV chief political reporter, Dave Brian on the story. A look at traffic and weather coming up in two minutes. WW J news time ten thirty six can't.

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