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The good news is after that vote. We have a second amendment that could break us out of the morass. We are in the Senate will proceed to an amendment to the house Bill that is. Identifiable to the underlying legislation. In other words, for the first time, we will get a vote on whether to open up the government without any decision one way or the other on border security puzzle. Also adds necessary disaster aid to several states that recently ravaged by natural disasters. People are saying isn't there a way out of this mess? Isn't there a way to relieve the burden on the eight hundred thousand federal workers not getting paid? Isn't there? A way to get government services open first and then debate what we should do for border security. Well, now, there's a way and that is the second vote that will occur on Thursday. The coming vote on the democratic plan marked a departure for Senate leader McConnell who had vowed to allow no votes on shutdown measures unless President Trump would sign them. Still McConnell accused Democrats of preferring political combat to resolving the thirty day partial federal shutdown. The brother of an American man being held in Moscow on suspicion of spying says the charges his brothers accused of our ludicrous. Former US marine Paul Whalen made his first public appearance at court Tuesday to hear the appeal of his arrest. But the judge upheld the previous ruling and denied bail Whelan's attorney says his client was handed a thumb drive with state secrets before his arrest in Russia, but his brother David Whelan told the Associated Press he thinks Paul wheel was set up. From the media. So I've heard anything. I think. Hand still ludicrous that anybody. But I see how someone might fashion another person, a USB grinded say your vacation. And you would accept that case that Russia. But. It's still we. Actually, describing what happened to all? And so this is really all I have is that USB gives him. Later found after the arrest. Compromise information on it. And then I don't we? We haven't really looked very much about the case. I think that's one of the challenging issues for the family right that although we're very pleased with the US consulates work on. Regular communication family. They've looked after all. Needs indicated medically prison. I don't have any information about why he's there other than that charge. The spy and the last few weeks wanting that everybody agrees, but does that falls no spot? So I think the only people who are still holding onto that story of the Russian underlying all of this. In prison for thirty days. Lost thirty days. And we still have any idea. Why is there should be a concern for any Americans battling anybody?.

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