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They're not as much about the exes and ohs as they are the why it's the reality check with gamble in Brea on seven hundred WLW does it say with back here was a girl back here now welcome back for it welcome back to you just trying to decide what I'm drinking sanitizer or a beverage over here I can tell really we're going to get to the point I think as a human race will will be able to drink both well you didn't say that don't do it all right don't anyone any ideas about life in yes back after last week's extravaganza over the draft for the Bengals correct took number one pick as expected Joe burrow which led to some news of today which is a little bit later on but speaking of what we're going to get to where we can get to fire when ready all right we've got plenty of gas tonight obviously to Maury I think I think I have an understanding of phase one or at least what is going to re open or maybe I don't we'll find out we'll talk about what's going on in Ohio and Kentucky and obviously it's the corona virus it's already dition you know we quarantine here so you can quarantine where you're supposed to have I think that's how it goes right yes we come into work to tell you to stay home all right so we we got to special guests for your hit on a lot of different topics will go through them quickly right now Dr Heidi Merlini started with us five weeks ago kind of R. nine twenty slot there has become more really kind of coronavirus try to take a different look at a different aspect in and try to look forward which will do really optimistic tonight I think Russia will restore trust say what hi Kimberly who joined us five weeks ago to talk about kind of you wanted Micheline kind of started to the ground swell of the coronavirus now we're gonna talk to Dr Murli who's a surgeon at St Elizabeth physicians over in fort Thomas we're gonna find out about their port of the re opening phase one outlined by Kentucky governor rainy this year that begins tomorrow so I gotta be honest I don't know what any of this really means well she'll hopefully clicks all relative find out of what is basically what how can you have a phase one or is this phase two I don't know if you don't know what the start and end point of any of it is what so I guess it's theoretical well my questions for her going to be have we really accomplished anything in the last week six weeks okay well we'll find out we'll do that at nine twenty nine fifty Charlie Frank executive director of the Reds community fund you know one we've tried to cut we talk to musicians we talked the owners of restaurants you know talking about the kind of the fallout in what all this means the implication right of of having to shut down how bout the rich community for me having lost a number of its really primary fundraisers and and and they've been shut down the Reds youth academy the facility that used by a lot of people anxious to talk to Charlie and and hopefully he can even shed some light on if you want to stay involved and help the rich community from because every professional sports team forget the fact that there's no professional sports they have a foundation they have a charitable entity the Reds community for they do a great job we'll find out about that so that's at nine fifty well and and you mentioned that one of the biggest ones that big opening day block question yeah right before right before down there on the banks and they you know they do the split the pot tonight I had something going for opening day so we'll get into that with Charlie at ten thirty five a good friend of mine Scott Kaufman who's athletic director Lakota west high school you want to talk about a lot to get to and I even talk to Scott and so we might talk to you for two segments because it starts with anything and everything he's been an administrator at the high school level spent a lot of years it points than that at Wyoming is been at Lakota west since twenty thirteen but you want to talk about the spring to the summer to the fall will do it I mean for awhile and and the other thing I would say he's been involved in the administration said beyond just the snap salute as as somebody with a high school senior this year and you what high school age signed in right if you're listening and you have someone in high school my family in your neighborhood well in your house where is their psyche I think there's an overarching question there the reason we segue that because many fan is going to head away to college right Scott is already in theory Scotty's youngest daughter Meghan is currently at Tennessee Chattanooga playing volleyball it is very very interesting just give the different perspectives and and I teach as an adjunct professor I spent ten plus years actually fifteen it's a burning K. you I'll give you I've talked to a couple people behind the scenes god let you in on what they think is going happen this fall so that'll happen at ten thirty five in in the only way to shut down any program the right way is our last call with George will emit shot sports director of WTW talk about any Dalton requesting to be granted his release today from the bangles saving M. seventeen point seven million under the salary cap one week after Joe burrow was the number one pick and I want to find out from George what he thinks of all the talk about Major League Baseball I mean it doesn't seem now all that far away will do that at eleven fifty so translation we got a hell of a lot to get to a lots of other topics and and our thoughts and and you can check us out to a gamble and capital and C. N. I take your right to our Facebook page or Twitter from there but anything you wanna bring up that you want us to discuss your just enlighten us on anything you can do so there and I would tell you we took the opportunity this week so we were off last week to launch something brand new on Monday night so between Mondays and Thursdays if you haven't had your fill of us then real god bless you Monday nights we call it louder that are larger than the one I keep saying that you're the one who came up with I don't give a damn thing because of the festival and lawful online within life it's larger than life and we did our test drive this past Monday I want to thank everybody who checked it out it will be back in full force again on Facebook live on Facebook live baby and we promote the show there to talk about what we've got coming up we talk about different things too but it's it's kind of like a you know it's nonstop until we can't do it anymore well gives us a chance to go a little bit deeper on a couple of things and you know on and it's a nice comparing contrast to what we've always known right from you with sports talk radio me with FM rock radio us together is a morning show now doing this and then to be able to do something I got it I will tell you it was different because yeah at about minute fifty we looked at each other said I think we're done I think that's pretty much everything we understand shame we could be sitting outside this evening also damn nice out there hall well I've come I've come to the to the conclusion is that we are a lot of one nice day a week you don't really know what you're going to be hello Saturday wasn't yesterday yesterday sucked all day before we had Saturday is supposed to be the seventies why I would say this we are twenty twenty degrees below where we should be right twenty so the question is yes you're walking around you're hacking cough in your nose is running you got a fever year you can't you're losing your voice what what not you okay what I'm saying is you and you the collective view how do you know what you have well I can tell you what I lack in fourth with allergy I was what I had everything else allergies and sinus issues and it's that time of year the weather fluctuates and how yeah yeah and and if you've got that stuff not just forget about it well you know you don't hear me if you have to go on public you don't hear anybody call off they will explode from the inside out before they will cough out loud in public I let's take a break when Dr Heidi Marley joins us on the other side of the break a bunch of questions to find out will follow five weeks later to find out what the best the same needs has to.

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