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Barbara, Wanda, Loden discussed on The Projection Booth Podcast


Is it bad ass like number may who like kicks ass in you know like does everything in really wins the movie i think a film can depend things as they really are a foam can depict a woman who is downtrodden and fucked up by women who is by the confines of the world that she lives in and truly feminist filmmaker is someone who depicts things as they are the real truth which is what barbara loaded really did with wanda and i know that loden didn't intend this to be a feminist film i either she said she knew nothing about women's rights at the time which was nineteen seventy i mean the second wave feminism was just just getting injured right and i know that feminists at the time this movie came out hated into oh how could you betray women in such a bad light which goes back to this why is she not smashing the patriarchy or the glass ceiling or the bourgeoisie you can't go in with that mentality with this movie and i think it's also tied to the idea that every female protagonists has to be likable which is why you say so many female protagonists in various movies in such that aren't likable get so much hey where a male character would get a pass for instance i know we've talked about betty draper on madman extensively which is a good example and also i think january jones if this movie ever did get remade i'm not saying it should but i think january jones would be a good pick for wanda yeah because like betty draper she does have that sort of cooled detached or about hair that definitely puts people off in a female protagonist they might accept a female protagonist who is hysterical or who is very angry even if she isn't like the kick ass superhero girl they want someone who is very big in the way.

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