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Let's get a win winter sideline reporter official back. Northwestern athletics. Chicago's back at home. Well, you don't always see timeouts like that. Which are really to just regroup this northwestern defense has accurate on its heels right now, and it's really been playing very very well since halftime last week. Thanks for that. Wintrust shod reports second down and twenty four Akron for their own twenty nine trillion seven nothing game. Feels like it should be more than a seven game BELTRAN sands. His the running back to the right of the quarterback Nelson. Drops back to the twenty his past Batty down at the line of scrimmage by Jordan, Thompson, senior defensive tackle from Cincinnati Ohio as a notch down that passenger bridge up third down twenty four if my math is correct fifty five yards of penalties and forty one yards of total offense. That is why I don't know if that's your math, correct? That fifty five is more than forty one. I stand by my math. The math on the screen. The math right here. All right down twenty four background for their own twenty nine eleven twenty two to go into the hat. You got to play for third and twenty four. No, see if they crack it out here. Nelson back to the twenty. Gabby rushed to the pocket on the move sidesteps defender at headaches thrown down as better Patty, Fisher, integrate, open-wheel hacking law the elusive quarterback Nelson to take it out of the thirty four yard line at it is fourth down. The nineteen or shop there. Only rushing three eighth back and Patty Fisher was the sky. He was the spine and on their quarterback. And he was ready formed, right? One guy missed but Patty Fisher came up with the tackle I to pot from his own twenty three yard line and Riley. Lease Roger doubt fair catch signal of invade at the twenty seven. Offense leading seven nothing. And let's see if they can get something going here because they have been unable to do it. So far consistent basis their points came after a fumble recovery. The accurate seven yard line. The Wildcats had scored five touchdowns of the seasons. Had four of them have come off opponents turnovers, and it's great. They're opportunistic. Yeah. But you can't always count on those ride. You've nap Purdue game we had three scores off, right? Three three picks last week. There was not offered turnover. Scored one tonight at once. The wildcats. Moten in running back first down. It'll be moten rights puts his helmet down. Runs over it out across the thirty to the thirty one nice gate on I out four yards James king up back. Spot takedown vote in the junior from Saint Louis second down and six coming up on the thirty one. Prey their replaces sclerotic out to the left Jefferson. The true freshman. Using the left. His McGowan looks like they're going to run the ball here with it. All the big boys up front a tiny under L handed off moten running left. Moten often urban block gets across the thirty one. And then get shoved back Davis and breaks up third down, and they have three tight ends their single back formation ran off the left side of the white side of the field and barely got back to the Lindstrom itching. All right. So here we go again third out at six the Wildcats to of six on third out third and six they're all thirty one with nine forty to go the first half seven nothing earth. Western bagels starts in motion. As Dorset looks it over snap to Clayton. Drops pressures coming steps up starts to rutta across the thirty thirty-five along the sideline to the forty. It out of bounce peddling. Margaret out the twenty five yard line of flagged out in the backfield. Log is route the season for Clayton Thorson and picked up the apparent I album. This one's coming back. A very impressive run. Offense number fifty nine penalty from the previous spot third-down JD Butler the left guard and that is the first penalty of the game against the Wildcats and a big one to Clayton. He really needed that for his confidence. And you could see him coming back onto the field after he ran off the field in front of his own batch. Everyone just game. Hi, FIS and excitement, then he turned around, and you can see the expression as faithful now it's going back. Larkin back into running back down at sixteen. Wildcats their own Twenty-one trips. Right. Single receiver left. Swing past Larkin. The catch fifteen hundred twenty gets a block to the twenty five thirty to the thirty five and close to a first down to the thirty seven yard line. Did he get it going to be very close? It is a first down for the Wildcats. They needed sixteen got sixteen pass malarkey Jeremy lucky with some good locking on that side. Yeah. He he did a nice job. He's the Secondly, it'd be Sieber on this team coming into game eleven catches for over seventy yards. And you can see why he really made guys missing the open field on top of it. Burst down and ten for the Wildcats at Thorson rolling left. Stop. He took man wide open downfield. Twenty twenty behind the fast all by itself. Wait for the ball to get their Alvin Davis there to take him down. I down for the Wildcats at the twenty yard line. Definitely a breakdown. That secondary was wide open down outside the numbers. Under a ladder pressure. There is a nice pass forty three yards. I down to the twenty of the zips with eight thirty two to go. First half caps up.

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