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Another uptick in Corona virus cases could overwhelm them. We can't depend on our county's next to us because they are under the same stress and strain. They can't provide us with beds in their counties. So we are on our own Santa Clara County covert testing officer, Dr Marty Finster. Shoaib says county teams will be out this weekend, stepping up enforcement of local public health guidance. Such a social distancing and indoor capacity limits. NBC Bay Area reports The usual 72 hour grace period for businesses will be waived this weekend. Violators could face a fine of between $255,000 And officials say there was no massive Corona virus outbreak at Concordia University after the tests were determined to be false positives. I'm John Byrne iz sacramental traffic traffic on the tent, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons news 93.1 kfbk. In Sacramento. Respond. Idiot! Madison, a vehicle went off the road way into a ditch. And now fire and tow have the slow lane blocked to get the car out of there. Sacramento north on 99 2 connected the eastbound 50 Watch out for a light pole, blocking the right lane And on Sacramento City streets, want an El Camino? A two vehicle crash and North Pole? What? Is backing up because of it. If you're headed to Tahoe, no chain restrictions on any of the roadways and just make sure you understand Highway 89 is closed due to snow in both directions between 3 95 and Highway four at Monitor Pass. I'm Laurie Sanders News. 93.1 kfbk.

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