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And the saddest the indictment so we clear on this because i want to explain you what happened next i'm gonna show you why the muller probe is in a world that trouble you to be clear on where we stand this muller a few months back in deitz these companies he's russian companies for buying facebook ads trying to organize rallies both four trump and against trump and the allegation is that they did this in some kind of conspiracy to use me to in some kind of conspiracy to influence the election in the united states now the influence operation was on both sides well what happened again the media lost their minds because they didn't read the indictment look at this look the russians they were trying to help trump what about count fifty three when they were trying to help hillary ignore that let's not pay any attention to that right but what happened was there's a number of folks out there which expertise in these matters legal matters who i've done a lot of homework on they suggested to me into others that the muller did this show in an effort to try to vance us russian collusion narrative knowing the entire time that what was going to happen these russian companies would never show up in court yeah now unlike when you indict an individual when you invite these companies they can have legal representation show up for an initial appearance they don't have to have the actual person in other words if joe armacost works for j inc and i die j being they cannot the lawyer show if i joe joe as to show up for the initial appearance what happened folks lawyers for these companies actually showed up.

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