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Twenty six Wooldridge and at twenty seven and Sierra Zulu at thirty one so gentlemen, Josie talk us through the map this these folks want. Yeah. It sure is looking to get at stikes if you're not in front he. Geez. I think you might be in some trouble. But if you do get the we not going to be laughing all the way is a while dating that spayed, I think atomic wizard will go forward gymnast. So I think roll forward as well. I think they'll be genuine tampo, especially your think the loss rice, there's plenty of horses. There is just so many different angles to this rice. It's a really tricky rice to Dorset prince of Venice as the horse that he's got some sensational ability. But where is he at he's had a year off? He's two wins at Hamilton before. He went for a break with sensational on heavy ground. Obviously the tracks gone to be soft. He so that's going to suit him. He's had a judge. Jump at. It was okay. But yeah, it's a long time off look. I'm taping him all I would follow. He punches the market. He's going to be a great God. There are just so many horses. Resuming. There's been some good support for Royal boss. Dan, the bottom. So that's suggesting he's come back. Well, for these Mika Leary here is obviously gonna run really. Well, it's probably ready ready to rock and roll. But I'm going prince of Venezuela. I think the market is going to be a sensational guard. It's always a good guy. But I think it's going to be a sensational for this rice. Prince Venezuela me diamond Thornton Hayes writing sensationally at the moment. We always talk about jockeys and China's we should be following their enra- will die me and thought and fourteen from he's lost ninety two. He's going into ran twenty percent. So he's a jockey that. I think will have a really good countable there and Josie. What what are we ask in terms of the Malcolm Moos walkable thirty rices three days? It does get tough and it can be a little bit of a graveyard for cash. However, if we're following the money in the Rice's out of the threat is that a pretty good is that a good pine or is it look at Ken bay. It's a very different carnival that when we're always going to have because there's no daycare. We they she usually though would just be backed and I will winning. That's not happening the issue. So look it's going to be new and original say what happens with these carnival in terms of the market, but the market he's always such a great guy because the market is just going to be so ROY bust, they go they might you say these one panning out well as a whole cold, Royal Bossier, the from tamyra Leary, they only get it. Right. When there's money these is always round. Well, now, stop he. Now, remember on Daiva was he living dollars into dollars in finished what close to golden highlight. That's good foam main one third up that preparation and that form to Grammy who city class. That's good enough Amman guide to stop. I think these horses primed to win. He of the eleven hundred made is the benchmark sixty four really well-suited. So as gills mentioned boy rice, ten watch for those boy ten watch for the shift in the market and the money because. Oregon these wolves just be the get out shopping around.

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