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How the Devon? Everything good. He's Thursday say loss, bloody cold air in the UK. That's because it's November. Can you believe is November? This year is set by now. Say the word now. That's right Christmas. I'm going to start talking about it. Because Jimi last Christmas what we did. Now, if young joined those than this is what we did all the listeners, we all got together and all dissent in their favorite moments of different episodes. A what we did is we all together in a two part episode, and it was the listeners podcast listeners favor. So we thought it went down. So well, the last thought we'd do again, so get you thinking capsule, go back through all the episodes the lessons this year. Got you little favorite moment. So if you thought of Susan calm was bad. I send us the time codes. So you cite Craig of cows episode my favorite bit Waugh's twenty two. Oh, eight to twenty four seven Nick not bit how we'll pack it all together in a very lovely to pipe out. And you'll episodes of think what made you laugh, what would you cry inspired? It shocked you even anything it can be anything. So think about that. Now. Also, speaking of Christmas a few weeks back said could get a Christmas. Paulie episode together, one of a few gas, whatever a house band. I note sure we're gonna be able to fit it in before Christmas is just too busy. So why would they do live episode in January to bring the new year will do the same couple of gas musical act? He'll be waiting on will all get together. On a thought we'd do it somewhere where we've never done a live episode yet. I will do in London. Would you think you in fantastic? Let's get that sorted. Oh, your Teixeira designs, the teasha design competition is almost closed. If you haven't done it yet. Just get it done. It can be anything that can be ready small. It can be massive whatever the podcast means to you..

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