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But I love you get your version of it where you're standing in the tunnel and bingles fans, this is when Steelers Bengals were both really good. And it's you know, essentially, a playoff berth on the line. You standing in a tunnel fans are giving it to you guys. And he looks up at you. And he says big, Al and. Any better than this? Do you? Remember where you reply to them was what my mix was it was a little bit exaggerated. You know, always I think that for me, you know, it didn't happen in Cincinnati actually happened. I think. Against the patriots. Maybe the first game of the year that I was I was suited up. I play for me. Full snap. Take. That was a backup. Swing tackle. And I was I remember asking myself. Wow. This is it this is FOX borough. I give the season prime time. Everybody's creamy and everybody's yelling. And you know, all these stars Tom Brady, you know, aren't cow ski Bill Bill to you know, people that have that have been watching on TV forever. You know, I unfortunately grew up a patriots fan, and I like to watch the games. And and I remember, you know, after myself, I well, you know, this is something that doesn't compare nearly to the intensity of of being under night vision goggles waiting. I pick you up and go go go after some guys in and and then that's that's still even to this day. You know to me now coming out of the tunnel emotional, some players get really really tough. But maybe it's because the position that I played well, you don't want any highs and lows. He's running. The middle. What maybe because it is true that you know, for anybody who's ever done it get them push oak. When you see if you can green you hear the found you feel the warmth of the engine as you're stepping in allow noise, everybody's hooking up. She takes off you see a military base in the mountains you start making your descent until the target area. It's you know, obviously, the the drill, and you know, you just can't compare the two things a lot of people would say that it is the most addictive thing. You know that you can find out there, and I'll have to agree with that. I just got chills and be wanna know this week best of luck. It's army navy kick back and enjoy your squad going up against those other guys on the other side of the field. It's always a privilege to catch up with you all one hundred. Thank you so much for your time. You're on herbstreet and Fitzsimmons. Thank you. Appreciate it. And it's my pleasure. Our honor to have you on it's one hundred billion the waiver Pro Bowl left tackle the Pittsburgh Steelers from captain at army and army ranger here with us on Herbie and Fitz. We'll bring carbs feedback in coming up in just a moment after that conversation. I had earlier with Alejandro Villanueva, man. If you ain't ready for army navy, hewing got a pulse. A reminder about fans Ville. Yeah. Fans. Army navy dial and make sure to tune in also to one of my new favorite TV shows fans Ville, presented by Dr Pepper airing every Saturday throughout the college football season during the commercials fans..

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