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When you love who you are. You become healthy. Strong and unstoppable. This is true transformation body and mind. This is the gift that wanna share. So that was a quote that you jane share and we love talking about the body and mind. I love the mind. Because i think it's so powerful. So walk us through one of these The pillar so about recovery. What what do you mean by that. And how can people fortify their shield. Okay so recovery. A big part of recovery asleep and we not only as a society. Don't get enough sleep. But we don't get Quality sleep so even though you might be in bed for six or seven years you might be going to bed later or earlier in the morning. So you're not getting the quality sleep that your body needs so sleep is a big piece of it but there's also other recovery components that you can take advantage of a lot of people May have a massage and that is a great way to let your body recover because we put our bodies through so much every day that we need to work some of that tension some of that stress and some of those tactic fluids out of our body and so massage. Whether it's somebody giving you a massage or whether it's the myo fazul massage with a foam roller that's a great form of recovery. Recovery also can be hydration because when our bodies aren't hydrated they can't function properly leaving camp detoxify so hydration is a big piece of recovery and then also being outside the sunshine producing that getting that Sunshine on your skin in your eyes to produce vitamin d. That is a huge piece of recovery. Because it resets your circadian rhythm so that you can get that better sleep at night so sleep is a big piece. But there's a lot of other components to recovery as well.

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