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But Democrats have been not much better actually not much better at all in terms of assisting women get ahead in terms of worldwide assistance to women getting ahead in terms of women in our country getting ahead and this is primarily because we hinder women's ability to operate in the world by placing all of the burden of the family on her it all kinds of ways and I honestly I have. I don't Think Bernie. It doesn't affect him. Why should he care? Why should he like? That's the problem. It's apathy at the core of patriarchy. There is an apathy for women. Here's the values we hold as capitalists. Here's the values that we hold as Republicans or Democrats. Here's the value. We hold financially the we in all of those examples are patriarchal values. And while I definitely I mean honestly I would prefer to show up to court for and have a Man. The judge for my You know rape trial or child support a woman because women can't be far more critical of other women but that's because of Patriarchy because you have that fear welling up inside of you and if you speak out you trigger the fear of other women. They have much at stake to keeping things cool. Chill out. 'cause I gotta go live with this dude like if you make if you make noise and make problems. That's going to negatively impact. My life is the situation for most women on the planet still today for a woman near them to make noise. Well that's going to cause a whole bunch of problems because now the person they're sleeping with whether that's their husband or their friend or whoever is going to be irritated and now it's triggered the fear in you right. Women have a trigger of fear whether it's them speaking out or other women making noise and speaking out it makes us very uncomfortable because we have to establish some sort of baseline for peace in a patriarchal system. It doesn't matter who you are or what your ideals are we live in a patriarchal system? It doesn't matter if you were born in a family of only girls you live in a Patriarchal System. So my friends. If you believe in fairness and meritocracy and democracy and equality and equity the choice has to be for Elizabeth Warren if you want equality because we cannot be gender pined right now it is not an authentic experience in the world today to be gender-blind that it's not an authentic experience. Putting a white guy at the head again is Patriarchy plain and simple and patriarchy is the core problem central to all of the Shit Mess. We are in imbalance yet. Don't have to wait for all the good men to be gone to elect a woman and have that be valuable simply for the value of having someone that's different someone who has a different background knowledge. Someone who walks around the world who has had the experience of getting sexually harassed who has had the experience of being attacked energetically for her sexuality or her body or her hair. That is not something that a Bernie Sanders or a Joe Biden can have experiencing. They can't so while they may hear it on. The periphery is not central to their lives. Whether whether a woman can see professional ambitions because she is burdened by all the burdens of a family and therefore falls behind her male peers. This it's not an experienced. The Joe Biden or any of the any of the other candidates have experienced but it's central to wipe patriarchy exists and to how Patriarchy is upheld and enforced. These issues are not women's issues. They are issues of International. Peace their issues of economics their issues of environmental responsibility. We are operating from one point of view all over the world and that point of view is male and a person who leads will operate from their own point of view and from that point of view. Look around the world and see what having one point of view has created. This is not about demonization of white men or demonization of particular white man. It is an issue of the world operating from one particular specific point of view that has been created enforced upheld through violence subjugation. Mindless ambition fucked up priorities. From one point of view and that point of view is male. They did not come by through meritocracy. Had meritocracy been even a little bit involved in any of our global situations. We would not be here facing this now. We would not if it were. If it were of matriarchies we'd be in some of their kind of fucked up disaster created by one point of view and that would be a different fucked up disaster. But it wouldn't be this one. There is a massive imbalance and the imbalance will not be corrected by voting for another guy pretending that we are gender-blind simply puts us going for default. That's what it does. And the default is male pretending that we can operate from the fallacy of objectivity regardless of gender. Is it's a delusion that's what it is it's a delusion plain and simple you're not special you'd don't have bring powers more than anyone else. You can be a fucking genius and you still are not above your genetic memory. You can feed the kindest man on the planet and your point of view will still be that of patriarchy and won't mean that you can't do good in the world. In fact patriarchate cannot end unless men get on board and say this is not balanced. It's fucked up. We gotTA shift to this. The second men get on board and look around and go. This is fucked up. We got to end this. We got a really make an effort. We gotta change. Like here's what's fascinating the same guy who won't step back and take half the child care responsibilities so that his wife can move forward in her. Profession is the same guy who will blather on about You know how crappy the business world is concerning gender right like they're the same dudes who were married to are also making really fucked up policy that make it legal to rape someone. That guy loves his daughter. I don't know what his fucking definition of love is but that's the problem we don't have one definition of love in this world. There's a masculine definition and there is a feminine definition and a woman's life depends on whether she can be empathetic. Empathic an empathetic enough to understand. What her With the men around her are feeling and act accordingly to try to control their emotions. And it dude I mean why should he care what she gonNa do? What does an angry wife do? She should have controlled me better and I know this. There is a definite connection between the defensive aggression that quote Unquote Goodman are feeling exhibiting now and the pornography Seo Keyword being mom so a man who's good right now like a good man a man who is good for women good for the planet good for culture good for society a good man however we're defining that right now feels ashamed and probably wants to defend his own individual self from that shame which is causing a whole bunch of weird fucked up behaviors one of those being being that mom is the number one search term on porn hub which is the largest pornography site in the world. Mom have we discovered that all men secretly WANNA fuck their mothers. I don't think so. Have we discovered that all moms want to fuck their kids? I definitely no. That's not true. I think what we're uncovering. Is that men. No they're out of control they know they're out of control and they want someone to stop them and they're looking for one authority the only authority that a man ever has its entire life that it's female his mom. It's insane but literally wants a man reaches adulthood. He then becomes the authority of his mother in nearly every culture certainly every religion on this planet today. Men are looking for someone to help them. Moraine it. And so if you're a good man out there and you're feeling shame I applaud you for having the goddamn common decency and good sense to be ashamed at the way should going right now. Thank you thank you for having the emotional intelligence to be ashamed of yourself and all the people around you for what is happening today to the planet to women to the economy. Shame is an appropriate fucking response. What's not an appropriate response is psychopathic apathy a narcissism that says well that's their problem but the majority of men good are bad are just playing apathetic. They can't see the problem. It doesn't affect them. The women around them are not getting real loud about it because there are penalties to pay for that Shit. They haven't even thought to be curious about it. Because why would they Amazon rainforest on fire because of a patriarchal economic system that's making produce? Production farming burned down the rainforest. Yeah trace it back patriarchy like all of the stuff that we're talking about that we're terrified about that. We're looking at trace it back. Patriarchy is the core problem. Go all the way through the systems you get to one spot. And that's spot is an imbalance in gender. The way she is run the way we try to fix things with the same point of view that we created the problem with the only correction for that is balance. I promise you if we elect a woman just because she's a woman we are not going to end up in matriarchies for fuck state one woman that we elect just because she's a woman quote unquote just because even though every man before her has been elected. Just because he's a man that is not gonNa tell us to were patriarchy. It's to make the minor little ripple toward balance there's folk and long way to go before we get to balance to anything that's Hoffy or resembles any kind of health on the planet. So when you're thinking well I believe in equality which is a raise one hand all the way up high as far as a close and then put one hand on the ground and then move your hand up the teeny tiny little inch and call that a vote for Elizabeth Warren. And then look at the distance between your hands. Have you come anywhere near discriminating against men talk? Are you insane? You haven't even come anywhere Nunez. Nowhere near close. We're talking about thousands of years of patriarch game. You're not gonNA fuck that up if you vote for a woman right now because Patriarchy is the problem that needs to be addressed. This is not man-hating this is not of the two of equality. In fact it is the only way to stay in integrity with that as a virtue all you cannot stay in integrity with the virtue of equality and vote for the same point of view the same life experience the same walking around in the world experience that every other leader had who has created the system that is crumbling right before our eyes this is gonNA crumble. It's crumbling in front of our faces and we keep pretending like it's a matter of political side progressive verse. Now it's Patriarchy massive gender imbalance on the planet a massive imbalance for running the world from one point of view is playing itself out and suddenly no one's allowed to say it.

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