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To remain that way. So thank you so much for your time and your insights and your thoughtfulness as always. It was great to reconnect with you. Yeah. Well, I hope this is a tradition. I'm wanting to be too. After every film. So yeah, thank you for saying that. That actually means so much coming from you guys. So I deeply appreciate it. And thanks for the time. Thank you. What are you watching? Come on. My sincere thanks again to koga. Is after Yang is currently playing in limited release. It's also playing exclusively on showtime. Unfortunately, I stopped recording there at the conclusion of our conversation and you didn't get to hear the ten minutes more or so that we chatted. And one of the topics he was enthusiastic to discuss was some of the new film reading. He's been doing. He remembered the film spotting 5, the last time he was on the show, the 5th question in that series is to tell us about a favorite book you have read about film or filmmaking. And he had three, he was eager to talk about the first one, no surprise. And he wasn't even aware of the connection to our show. And the fact that she is part of the Buster Keaton marathon, we're going to get back into here in a few weeks. Cameraman, Buster Keaton, the dawn of cinema and the invention of the 20th century by Dana Stevens. He was absolutely gushing about if you haven't had a chance to check out that book yet. The cinema of ozu, yasujiro, histories of the everyday by Wu zhengzhou, you heard kokona reference him in our conversation, his name is actually derived from one of ozu's longtime collaborators, huge influence on his work and basically said about this book that it says everything he would ever want to say or hope to say about ozu and his films. Finally, one I was completely unfamiliar with and now can't wait to check out Michael kresge's new book called films of endearment, a mother, a son, and the 80s films that defined us. I will link to all three of these books over in our show notes that film spotting dot net. Coming up, film spotting madness best of the 70s in a review of after Yang from our Friends at the next.

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