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To date scores twenty two seconds to go in the first half balconies up six three topping Alice's and the staff you need you can tell the number of quarterback perhaps on two fingers they can actually make that for face is football frenzy S. P. N. radio and E. S. P. N. M. football frenzy is some channel eighty percent about rest of insurance all callers via the shell pencil performance wind field Yates he's done for the day he put in five hours a radio long side me Anthony Salter NFL general manager Mike Tannenbaum this is football frenzy we'll be on until ten o'clock eastern updating you on all the late games including the Sunday night football game between the bears in the rams as you just heard some of the updated scores the cardinals of twenty six to twenty three on the forty Niners they have the ball with about three minutes left the forty Niners an opportunity to stop here will update ya keep up there on that when the bangles just moved into Oakland territory down seventeen to tend to the raiders there's six and a half minutes left to go on that one of the patriots of the ball back up seventeen to ten on the eagles as Chris Mortensen told us a little bit earlier Mike it bill Belichick went to the silent early in that game talk to his defense and since that point the eagles have been suffocated offensively they have done nothing since scoring a touchdown in the second quarter to take a ten a lead well as we know their defenses staff is comprised of Paloma at a defense wind dried mail at linebacker Steve bell checked bill signed in the secondary I think it's a true team effort and that's real mentioned earlier the right tackle of the Philadelphia Eagles lane Johnson a Pro Bowl level tackle went out now by tied their back up he's a competent backup but he's up to the level of lane Johnson so I think by a combination of some adjustments as well as missing the great right tackle so what as we see it all year long new England's defense is ahead of their offense they've frustrated a lot of offenses I think this will be continue to be a one score game going all the way down to the wire the forty Niners are getting the ball back just over two minutes left they have two time outs but the lead the two minute warning as well so we'll see if the forty Niners can get into Arizona Territory at least get a field goal which would tie the game they're down down twenty six twenty three or potentially take the lead earlier today one team that has struggled all year put together yet another strong defensive.

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