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When the last and heaviest storm comes in off the Pacific Ocean and clears the region sometime in the afternoon in Malibu, Demetrio, KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. LA county officials are warning residents of the creek fire burn area of Keiko canyon. Lopez canyon and little Tunga. It'd be ready to get out at a moment's notice. The concern is the possibility for as much as one and a quarter inches of rain to fall per hour in all burn scar areas, especially over the next few days, and the hillsides are already saturated LA county public works director, Mark Australia. Says right now all debris basins are ready with maximum capacity to capture what may come down. What's unusual about the event that's happening? Now. Now is we're having back to back storms on a daily basis. So debris is building up in the system. LA county fire chief deputy, David Richardson, says they have also pre deployed resources to include are searching a rescue teams as well. As our swiftwater teams. The sheriff's department has also established patrols to monitor evacuated areas for looting and to ensure public safety. Margaret, caro- KNX ten seventy NewsRadio storms are good news for skiers and snowboarders and lots of them are visiting big bear snow is piling up in the mountains, which is great. If you're already up here. Are y'all gone killer day out here today? Not so great. If you're headed here a couple people spill out just going a little too fast round. The turns hit some black eyes and even less great. If you're on your way and well kinda unprepared. Have you ever put snow chains before a once? But it's been like two three years. Probably. Yes, been awhile. So are you apprehensive as you're putting them on right now? Yes. Dense fog rain and snow is turning roads slushy and slow. Cal trans already has chained regulations and checkpoints in place. So take some advice from drivers who got here safely look up to the sky. Check the weather beforehand. Always check the weather beforehand. Look down to the road. Do.

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