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At some point. We riffing on on his idea of goblin that did MAC and cheese. I'm we would discuss the physiology of the goblin and does the does the MAC does the macaroni manifest in the God one. The But. cheese or or that you different organs, and the goblin create the MAC and cheese or do you feed the goblin macaroni and cheese sauce is his is what's inside of him in cozy macaroni and any bombs at up anyways stuff like that? Which which? The thought that he has to separate organs that generate grows. Macaroni type Najah lls crates. The such he's lake sauce. But the scene in the movie where that happens. I wanted him, you know, this sort of idea of the scene as he has just had the most traumatic experience of his life, and he walks into his home, which now feels like an alien landscape, and that is magnified by the absurdity of this thing on television. It's like the universe slapping him in the face with this lunacy. You know, originally, we're just gonna try to find an actual commercial air that gave that feeling, but at some point after talking so much about Jeter goblin kind of fell in love with with the. Maybe we can find a way to actually make this commercial. But we had so little time. And all the department has stretched so thin that we thought, you know, we have to outsource this. I'm we're both friends of this. This amazing filmmaker called casper. Kelly who I think has made one of the most stunning short films ever made too many cooks. Oh that guy. You've mentioned that that's going to be sticking my head for the rest of the Speedo. Yeah. And so we call them, and we're like we have a thousand dollars or something make cheddar Godwin commercial. And then he said I can do that. Weeks later there. It was. I sent him. You know, I just made like a look book that was essentially just photos of googlies, film, gullies and photos of MAC and cheese. Just to get the exact, right? Look for it. We sense that the link between too many cokes. Yeah. At the screening last night. And if it's kind of interaction with the. No casper was nice enough to give me the original cheddar goblin when we met at Sundance, and I was very moved by that. And cheddar goblin lives in my home. G gee, cheddar goblin does. Anyway. The school for the film is is Johan Johannson still. Still strange that he's he's not with us anymore there through the year. There have been a couple of films coming out of the Mary Magdalene early. The was the Johan school and his his music brings so much to Mandy into the atmosphere and feeling of it, can you tell me a little bit about what it was like working with Yohannan. How did you guys kind of create the the soundscape really Mandy I didn't know what to expect from from him before before I talked to him, and you know after only after chatting with him on the phone for fifteen minutes. I realized that she really resonated with one of the same thing that interested me, then he grew up in Iceland, listening to heavy metal and stuff like that. And you know. Was just so passionate about about about about the move. Even just from everywhere the script, really, really. Imagine what he wanted to do. I I wasn't sure at first because I thought scores are quite austere. But after talking to you realize that he's also interested in exploring disintegrating, sonic textures, and the most important thing, I think to both of us was that it wouldn't be a pastiche of old style. More like an interpretation of them in a kind of strange disintegration of them like a disintegrating rock operas them. And you know. Yeah. I mean, I felt I felt very kindred spirit and him, and I feel like we're only scratching the surface. Yeah. Looking forward to doing more with them in some meals with them. Is really an amazing soundtrack Athena's woolen, especially among all the amazing stuff that he's done that will definitely be be remembered, and especially contributes to the whole atmosphere and tone of the film. It's an amazing piece of work. I feel really honored at Navan..

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