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Board is they say, okay baby was born in an Uber in London driving in the back of the new Bor. The parents, the mother, the father brother or the sister better yet, jumped in an over to go to the hospital did not last that long. It came out immediately within a five minute. He was ready to go in the driver assisted to a degree. Assistant in delivering the baby by pulling over and helping with, you know, the sheets and here that he had in the trunk of the car, okay sheets and all the different things. And so for that, though he waved, the cleaning fee, I didn't realize it was a cleaning fee. Oh, yeah. In Uber if the car gets messy and the whole deal. So he waved the, the cleaning fee. Any also got a five star rating from the parents in their haven't. They haven't quite decided on what they want to name, the baby. But the name Uber has been floating around out there child. Yeah. That's a, that's a child abuse on the well, some of these names of these kids out here. No general they're out there. Right. Not getting even my kid Uber. No, please. That is that Russian Uber. Soon at your noble mood. That's. You've been at your noble mood for months. So look Uber sir, but the ambulance are okay. They call the ambulance came within five minutes after the baby was delivered the father, help deliver the baby and then Yemen came in finished job doing. They were at in London at home, and she had. You don't just wake up, and then bam, there's like contractions. It's different over there. Never been pregnant. So I don't know the feelings in what could take place weren't you birth of. Yeah. But, but even. So it had that does not so okay, not churches and stuff. You get cues water breaks. Yeah. Everybody's body is different ills. -i does it say in the in the story about whether or not I child or no, this is not a for show? So, yeah, there's if it's not your first child, you can go from zero to six real or because it's not a first child. She knows it takes a long time. I get home. Surprise vance. Was there for my, my kids birth? Vance was born riper. No was born in Uber finna messed. I was I had flown. Utah got off the plane was driving to, to location, Utah. Got a phone call had to race back to the airport jumped back on the plane back to LA jumped in, when I land in L A had a jump in the car and fly to cedars the moment that I walked in the room. It was happening. So it happens. Pretty fast about eight hours. It was it was probably three hours three hours. But it happens fat. You act like you act like everybody's body's say you're saying they were in the house, and she was like, oh, I think it's time at this new wbur. Yeah. Guys arguing over pregnancy. If your first thing is to call the Uber when you start having questions. Panting trying to hurry up and get their though Chris, an ambulance has lights and sirens. But the new thing is that it'll get you there faster as you call them listening. We'll probably ride them. We call him they might take on us. Oh, well, we're, we're going to see if we can locate one flavor flav said nine one, one was a joke. That wasn't made you call nine one one they gonna take all day. They go ask you a lot of questions instead of just coming. You see, no shows where the people seen the shivering taking all day, it's gonna come. No, you call when it's going to lose your they, they go make sure to cut off the streets. The light thing he's got an ambulance and every corner order. Whole motorcade bring all and they will bring all the way from San Diego for you quick. Head of pain. You're listening to P in Los Angeles. If you had a baby fast game tonight..

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