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Blah Mason in Ireland, show Michael Thompson information who has a masters in taking days off the HD PHD. He he's as good at it as anyone you shouldn't be growing, you should be yawning. Why does nothing happening in a major league trading deadline? Well, there it's not over yet Micheal, no one hour, two hours to one o'clock to five, Greg. So Clark Arthur, one o'clock, one o'clock, really? Yep. So we got sixty minutes left. Aren't you anticipated like most trade deadline's at a a rash of deals will come down in the next sixty minutes because we're not hearing everything coming from Busta only you know BUSTER would be over everything. We haven't even heard a peep. You know, as of this morning BUSTER, I watch get up this morning and BUSTER thought there was a really good chance. Bryce Harper would be traded today, but then Mike Rizzo the GM and the nationals came out and said, he's not trading Harper, Greg. Is that good enough for you? Do you believe him? Do you think Harper is staying put? Harper is staying put in Washington and it's not going anywhere. They wanna resign him. Okay. So. If they're gonna resign them, I understand what they're doing. If they're not going to resign him, then they're being stupid. Michael stubborn, yeah, you know, I, I would argue everybody should things about Mitch Cup, Jack, and Jim bus. Laker fans look at them as failed executives. It's not true the if you're gonna if you're gonna, call them out for the last five years. You also have to give them credit for the championships. They won, but. Mitch. And Jim, in my opinion, made two critical errors that led to them eventually being ousted. The one that everybody points to are the dang in the Moscow sign is okay, but the ones that don't get enough attention are letting pow Gosol into white Howard walkaway for nothing where you and I were talking about it the yesterday that if you know if you have an asset and you know you're not gonna resign them in the Lakers tried to resign to white couldn't do it. We got lucky there because then he just played for four different teams since he left. But in the case of pow, they had pretty much determined that they weren't gonna pay him. They should've traded him and they didn't do it. Now if the nationals nationals have fifty nine minutes to either trade Bryce Harper or potentially resign him in the offseason if they think they can't resign them, they should trade him in the next hour. So we'll keep an eye on that, but you know what I'm saying? If you think guys leaving, what's the point in keeping? Yeah. And if they're willing to go, I mean Bryce Harper three hundred million for ten years. Thirty mania. I guess that's the going rate decides what the the forty million a year for. I mean, not even trout makes that now don't they? I think Bryce Harper with the year he's had this year is stop with the forty million a year. He's not getting it. Let's say, ends up hitting forty. Five home runs driving in one hundred and five runs naked. Greg's anybody get forty million. I'm thinking anybody gets. I think that's going to beat you. I think Machado would be a guy that got close and I don't think he's Machado is more if you had to pick Michael between Machado and and Harper wouldn't you take Machado? Yeah, he's more he's more consistent at the plate goals lover. Defensively shortstop multiple position. Yeah, hits for average and has a chance to hit as many home runs as Harper bigger star. Yeah, you know, with these marketing and his hair and the woman derby and everything is Pete Rose style of, but in Los Angeles, especially a guy me Manny, Machado. You know, with our Hispanic population here, although I think main manny's from Miami's Cuban think he's. Rican them..

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