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Wild first and last michael junior basking in me can you call it glory of whatever that road to my dad was room yesteryear on mike and mic please don't this is officially throwback thursday i didn't even realize i did make that connection before we have thrown it back on a thursday to the yesteryear i mean that was when like liam and joaquin were produced with our own liam chapman who now what slim's official title round here now liam do you got promoted the program director congratulations while joe congratulations to i've no it's and this is like a a peek behind the curtain in the way that's really just selfserving but liam chapman who is the program director here now is is technically been one of my bosses here is a guy that i've known since i was nine or ten years old like a lot of the brass around here because there are guys that have come up through mike mike in the morning we take you up to them every monday through friday obviously check me out over there at six thirty this morning by the way but liam was wink at me yeah did i say those kind of a general wink under europe's not going unnoticed you're the one that i look very uncomfortable you should i think i'd let him i think i just took the one of those hr classes online and here so you know maybe don't bring that up to them sorry for making you feel uncomfortable in the workplace dan i respect you as a colleague thank you that wins it let's get that drops gotten if he would now god but yet on this from two thousand six by the way that sock two thousand six yeah i'd be interested to see if that was one carr's liam used to be involved in like making a lot of those songs i remember it was him one of the other guys work on on the show joaquin used to be the guys that were basically the backup vocals for a lot of the songs that mike and mike reproduce because that used to be something they did very regularly i still have the big papi mvp song stuck in my head from years ago i mean that's how catchy those sort of were those with zepa commercials before the sepa commercials in a lotta stances but um.

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