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I'm Joe Bartlett. President Trump meets with congressional leaders today as the government shutdown continues. And for the first time, he's dealing with a democratic majority in the house with the new house majority. Democrats voting to fund the government, but not President Trump's border wall. House speaker Nancy Pelosi regaining the gavel American people smoke and demanded a new dawn congressional Democrats now have subpoena power. They're preparing to investigate all aspects of the president's administration and campaign, but up first tackling the partial government shutdown that is correspondent Kenneth moten. We're going to have more on this coming up gonna Michael Riedel. It's part of their big three. Of course. Mayor de Blasio. Expect you to offer details later today about that fair fair program. One hundred million dollar plan was supposed to launch new years. It's going to give discounted. Metro cars for low income New Yorkers mayor also reacting to a proposal that would charge tourists to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. First blush. I don't like the idea I'll always be willing to discuss it. Well, police Commissioner James O'Neill says they do need a better plan after the bridge became so congested with pedestrians last month. People said they couldn't even move. The L train will not be shut down after all this spring. Governor Cuomo to the rescue says he's found a way to make the necessary repairs without closing the tunnel. For fifteen months, we have reviewed it. We've looked at it. We've scrubbed it I had the best experts on the planet. Look at it. And this is the best way that it can be done. They shut down would have impacted hundreds of thousands of people many with no other way to get to work. Katie Brennan, Stanford for governor Phil Murphy now gonna sue the state of New Jersey, she says she was sexually assaulted and her complaints to superiors were nor was Murphy campaign, volunteer when she claims Alvarez raped her after. A gathering of campaign staffers in April twenty seventeen Alvarez rose from campaign staffer to the chief of staff at the schools development authority. Well, Brennan tried and failed to pursue criminal charges. And then shared her allegation with administration officials Alliston Rosie needs seven ten WRR. Federal judge has New York City's law that cracks down on Airbnb rentals law required the names and addresses of homeowners to be publicly listed for the Manhattan. Judd granted a preliminary injunction saying it, violates the guarantee against illegal search and seizure..

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