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Ad Council. All right, the selling is accelerating on Wall Street's as we head into the final stretch here of trading on this Wednesday. NASDAQ is now more than 2%. Your money's just ahead of 3 25 as we check sports at 3 15 Jeff lessons joining us and we're remembering Gale Sayers today, Jason is greater running back is Gale Sayers was very short career. Into the Hall of Fame at age 30 for many people didn't know them until the movie Brian's song came out where he was portrayed by Billy Dee Williams and his friendship portrayed with the late Brian Piccolo. Today, Gale Sayers has passed away at the age of 77, the Bears Hall of Famer again, the youngest ever inducted to the hall. Chargers quarterback Tyrod Taylor, reportedly injured by his own team doctor who punctured his lung while giving him an injection. Well, that's gotta smart, Oh into line visiting to know Arizona on Sunday. Good news for the lines. Kenny Golladay, perhaps their best player overall back at practice for the first time since September, 9 through a hamstring he could be back in action, see his first action of the season. That would be on Sunday University. South Florida has covert issues. They're putting a hold on football's They wait. Testing results. Mid American conference they could be playing a six game schedule this year. According to reports. Mack president scheduled to meet on Friday for a vote embassies in, according to commissioner Adam Silver, may not be starting until next January as it looks now. Tigers and twins tonight 7 40 with Casey Mai's pitching. Listen to 97 1 the ticket N B A in East Finals Tonight he'd leave the Celtics two games, one Stanley Cup finals, lighting and stars tied at one. Jeff lesson was 4 to 15 and 45 past the hour. W W. J NEWS radio 9 50 It's a new crash downtown traffic and weather in one minute. Tom has been a teacher for over 40.

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