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Senate floor Monday Georgia Senator. Johnny Isakson said this about. Who When you way Tarnishes the reputational John McCain. Deserves a weapon Because most of the ones who would do the wrong thing about John McCain didn't have the guts, to do the right thing was their, turn even though President Trump eventually made. Statements acknowledging John McCain's legacy in public service critics repeatedly blasted the president for not lowering the flag and McCain's honor and for mostly seeming unable to say anything about his former political foe today starts two days of celebration in mourning for the public as Aretha Franklin lies in repose at. Detroit church and WW j. radio is Vicki, Thomas says Moore. Celebrating happens later this week Percent LS is the first lady. Of, greater, grace temple where Aretha Franklin's funeral will be held Friday she put out the call for a parade of pink Cadillacs and we. Have caliphs come in Dallas al-muhaya Nebraska Lord that they are coming from everywhere, to show their support to let the Retha, Franklin, early, indications are the trade deal announced. By the president, between the US and Mexico to replace NAFTA is something the auto industry says it can deal with the deal is likely to lead to more, Canadian and US content in vehicles as, Kristen d check of the center for. Auto research Mexico however will likely be exempt from certain tariffs echo has worked out a deal that largely fits where the content rules are right now so the won't have to be a whole lot of resourcing carmakers initially positive but say they need to digest the details Jeff Gilbert four. CBS news Detroit, in Massachusetts this dad says Welcome home when. It's hot outside.

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