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Russell Wilson from Nathaniel Hackett. I think they go hand in hand. I would really like to see Wilson in a competent offense and a competent competent organization with proper gay management and see what that looks like before we pour the dirt over rust. Well, I'm going to still pour the dirt on them. But had they hired Dave ball instead of Hackett that is a great product. Because those are really like the fork of the road coaching hires, right? Dave ball. Has just been magnificent on the Giants. I love every single thing I've seen from them. Even the sideline. There's like a confidence to him. And we talked about it. But like the hack of things that complete opposite and they cut to hack it and it looks like he looks like a kid in the third grade who's about to be called on to read his essay and he just doesn't want to go up in front of the class. And he said, coach the team. How do you feel good if you're on that team? And it's like, this is the guy who's in charge. I actually think he can get fired by week ten. No. At some point, you just got to admit that this guy's not a coach. So rules going to go, right? Is that where you were talking about Carolina? But he's the first probably to go, right? So we said ruler Rivera before the season. Yeah. Yeah, wait till the house is waiting for Rivera to come back, much like we'll waiting for dac to come back. What's it going to be? When that shows up. Yeah. It's very strange. It's very strange. But let me ask you this about David. You talked about all that draft House and next year. Are they stuck with Danny dimes now? Did he screw himself a little bit here? It's too early to say that. If they go 9 and 8, what do you do? It's in play now, isn't it? Yeah. He looks crazy games. They have easy games on their schedule. They can go 9 and 8 and still not be great. You know, I remember when they asked, should we get them as a weekly guest for the New York New York podcast with John Justin? And I said, I believe in dimes. Let's get them. I think this is year. Now the only person I knew who thought the Giants had a chance was Raheem Palmer or gambling show. Remember, he was adamant that they were the sleeper at the NFC. We all thought he was insane. It was like, they have 7 players. What is the road map? But this happens. Every year we have to have the fuck did they get into the playoffs team and I thought it was going to be the Panthers, but I think it's going to be the Giants. Quickly,

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