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You have to be a little careful now usually if you have any brains you're gonna hire a lawyer to come in represent you a lawyer who has experienced dealing with a bar a lawyer who has a lot of experience dealing with attorney disciplinary actions that's what you do matter of fact i've had a couple of complaints about giving bad legal advice on the air there have been a complete a couple of complaints to the state bar saying bill purports to give legal advice and it's horrible and all we do twice is sent a copy of the show where i say this is marginal legal advice where i tell you have no case disclaimer i go beyond that you're crazy to listen to me you're out of your mind this is free advice and you're overpaying but there was they opened up a file they contacted me a letter went out so this lawyer justin hall halston in front of the kansas supreme court shows up at his hearing because you can appeal and go right up the supreme court and there is a hearing the problem was he showed up to the hearing falling down drunk you can't do that panel members became concerned that he might be under the influence of alcohol slurring his words not having much balance making no sense so they said you want to know we have to have a blood alcohol level i one was point one eight five twice the legal limit the next one was point two zero on.

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