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Want to name the song cone, comma, he sounds like informer, do you? Remember, what snow is up to? And then he probably had to pull out the white pages. Because like when was the last time we got in touch with snow and he's listed in the white pages as snow the informer. Yeah. That is great. World's CLYDE ING. Yeah. But you know, I like the bait and you can dance to it. It's a little bit that reggae tone. Like, I like it. I know. Yes. Now, there's another song that dropped that. I have not yet heard. But I keep on seeing it in headlines. I think I'm a verse who. Listening to anything from the new Madonna album because of what's her name again. Madam x that Amax stone that we heard that earlier this week, Madonna, she's been teasing that she's been working on new music, and we finally learned Vietnam Instagram that her new project is called Madame x the name of the album is Madam x she is Madame Xs a character, she's taking on who is the you know, the old. It's carbon sandiego. She's it's the sexy carbon sandiego. Yeah. Is what it is. The has it don't count. Well. We don't know for sure we don't she hasn't been that visitor. Okay. However does have a new song. She does have a new song. And I can never say the name again. Thank you, welcome. It's very difficult for me some time, but thank you very much. So that's the name of the new song. And she has done the thing that Madonna always does Madonna for the past fifteen years Madonna likes to latch onto the hot young thing of the moment. He did that back in the day with Britney Spears me against the music. She started doing it around. Then then she did the one song, Justin Timberlake. She's done that with Nikki Moniz. She's done that with M. I a anyways in the grand tradition of Madonna pairing up the hot young thing. She is teamed up with Colombian artists Maluwa he is hot hot hot. I mean, he is not bad to look at either. So and also she's doing the Reagan tone thing. Yeah. So let's listen to a little bit of Madonna and Malul under not hot new track. More. I mean, I don't hate it. I mean, it's got nice beat. I feel like there's a there's a it's empty, right? There's emptiness to it. Like, I feel like she sort of phoned that. I was getting from it. I was way too. You know, what the problem is? We listen to those backwards. We should have started with that one in bed. Like, if you that was okay, you should hear this. And then played the snow one. Okay. Let's pretend we did it that way. Okay. You thought that was okay. You should hear this new track from daddy. Yankee Katy Perry and snow. Oh my gosh. It's called cone Kalma here. It is. Never going to get. Right. Around. Sean. I'm excited about this. I'm so excited about it. I mean everybody I I don't know how fast you can download this song..

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