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This is actually a reality show what if he thinks this is the bachelor unlike the last white house aide remaining like gets arose and the marriage proposal that company they're to view only holding because i don't like that it's apparently the executive offices or across the street from the white house where most of the people worker like apparently a total ghost town like a plenty of offices for you to take your leg personal phone calls when you like me to go like doug into another group this is also david sorensen who was a speechwriter whatever like he also lau a resigned on allegations the the deputy under rod rosenstein she took a fancy hyping it warmer up she's gone i think last night one left you because of a they'd smoked we'd i thought they didn't take it now like force we will leave it at accounts receivable were soccer different going on going forward she's going to see the world it sounded a problem stealing other people's yogurt shrubs rajar and that's all god as a result she was appointed ambassador to iceland is your wife but don't steal a yogurt lang kind of bridgewater uh any ways there's nobody working in the government again i just say let's just make it the fifty governors and will work it out you know we don't need karzai's does it somehow it does it somehow kind of like reflected our government is pretty strong in that like these these to noone's running it no one's running it does.

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