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Talked about participating in the crime. Private after twenty eight hours of questioning thing. They had a confession and they didn't hesitate in using it. The following week top was charged with rape use of deadly weapon in the Commission of a felony and first degree murder taps. Trial began in May of one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. Nearly two years after Angie's murder his attorney tried to suppress the confession which was filmed along with all of his interviews by the argument that it had been coerced. The the judge determined that most of his statements could be used against him and those tapes became the focal point of much of the trial. The first time police interview tap they saw hobbs as the suspect. According to former reporter cannot Berg who now writes and conducts research for the National Shnell Registry of exonerations at that time investigators wanted tapped implicate. Hobbs they lied to tap stating that Hobbes had already already placed tap at the scene of the crime. They claim that they could help tap. If only he would cooperate. He would if he could tap told them describing himself itself as just a scared little man and swearing that he didn't know anything about the rape or murder as he interviews carried on pressure on tap hap- mounted until finally he offered the part about helping hobbs attack. Angie basically out of self defense. He said he was forced to slash her right breast. I as the questioning morphed into a pressure fueled interrogation according to tax defense the claims investigators made to him grew more extreme team turning into life or death decisions. They told him that he could face the death penalty and that if he couldn't recall what he'd done it was because he had repressed oppressed those traumatic memories during the trial. One of the police officers testified the top described Angie's clothing at the time of her murder. which which could implicated him but examination of the tapes and polygraph results later showed the tap never mentioned her clothes until after he had been shown on crime scene photos early on prosecutors offered typically deal seeming unaware of some of the exchanges between him him and police they believed was lying to string them along so they rescinded that deal? His confession was played for the jury and even though they lacked. DNA evidence connecting acting him to the scene. He was convicted. Carol Dodge Glare tap as the judge read his sentence thirty years to life in prison prison for the rape and murder given that the man who sperm was found on her daughters brutalized body hadn't been identified. Carol new new full justice hadn't been done another man had to be involved not just tap in an interview with dateline in August. Two thousand twelve. She said the anger just surged through me. And that's when I went to the streets and I literally put sixty thousand miles on my truck searching for her killer and she wasn't driving only through safe neighborhoods or at broad daylight at one point. Someone put a gun to her head as she comes. The streets treats new leads cropped up but didn't lead to anything. Substantial Carol would often end up. Parked outside of Angie's old apartment building caught up in what she described as an all out obsession. She wouldn't rest until the man or another man who helped take Angie's life was found. She poured cord over police reports until they were virtually etched in her memory barely sleeping between her searches. One of those reports included a phrase that stood out to her something about pubic hairs. Not just blood found on Angie's body. It sounded like something that could help from DNA standpoint. So she reached out the expert Dr Greg. MP Kin who happened to live in Idaho hemp eakin also a fruit fly. Geneticist and college professor became involved in the criminal. The justice world in the early two thousands when he was asked to test DNA that ended up helping innocent man be freed Georgia Prison Hem peaky and has since stayed involved in such work even helping free. Amanda Knox the US College Student Who is wrongly imprisoned Italy and Founding Idaho's Innocence Project Act when he heard message urging him to help her find out what happened to her daughter. He phoned her back immediately. Carol all told him about the pubic hairs. Then called. Idaho Falls Police Department learning that the hairs have been stored in evidence untested for years. The hairs were sent off for testing. The results showed they didn't match. Angie or tap no physical evidence connected anyone to the murder except for the sperm firm and those hairs which belonged to the same person one killer tap. She believed had to be innocent now. Carol felt felt. She had to do something she had not yet done. Watch all the interview tapes beyond his confession as she did not only did she perceived Steve Manipulation as an officer Prada tapped to consider hypothetically committing the murder and eventually guiding him to confess but she noticed that he could not identify other details details such as the building. Angie lived in a corner building. That would be difficult to forget. Detectives kept correcting him. She observed rather than making way for honest two answers so carol decided not only to fight harder to find her daughter's killer but to help free innocent man. This was striking considering that Carol previously wanted tap to receive the death penalty meanwhile the officer largely responsible for putting tap behind bars. Ars remained certain he had the right man. Furthering her efforts Carol contacted. Stephen Risen a well known expert in false confessions sends and a law professor at Northwestern University in two thousand ten driven co authored. A paper entitled the three Errors Pathways ways to false confession and wrongful conviction. The report analyzed three mistakes that take place in every false confession first. Investigators instigators have to miss classify. An innocent person is guilty so classify someone like tap as a murderer second they have to subject them to quote guilt presumptive active accusatory interrogation that invariably involves lies about evidence and often the repeated use of implicit and explicit promises and threats. Let's so for example telling tap that they could prove he was guilty. He'd probably repressed it and he may as well try to escape capital punishment. Then once wants the interviewers have elicited a false admission they pressure the person to provide opposed admission narrative that shaped together often supplying innocent suspect backed with the facts both public and non public of the crime. That sounds a lot like the frequent corrections officers made that Carol noticed and taps interviews news by analyzing these steps the author's hope to help minimize false confessions from leading to wrongful convictions. This is pretty big considering saying that the innocence project found that out of one hundred thirty people who exonerated based on DNA evidence after being convicted of murder eighty one of them over sixty exte- percent falsely confessed. As of two thousand eighteen driven agreed to look into antidote as murder and taps confession free of charge. Drizzly agreed to look into the Angie Dodge murder case and taps confession free of charge in a report published in two thousand fourteen cortines. He concluded that the confession was indeed coerced produced through pressure and deceit and enhanced by the officers who supply tap with information to lend and credibility to statements. He helped bring in the innocence project of New York to work on the case along with the Idaho. Innocence Project and judges for justice just to secure taps released from prison. Not only was it confession. False emotion filed by taps attorneys argued. But it didn't make sense with the evidence. Silence taps that are murder happened at the time when Andrew was out with her friends for example when in reality she was later after being asleep for some time in March two thousand seventeen taps rape conviction was vacated and his murder conviction sentence was reduced to time served. Thanks to Carol Dodge odd and the team she pulled together. He was released from prison. So who had killed Angie Dodge a couple of years prior to taps release these detectives searched ancestry dot com for DNA that might be connected to the case and they gotta hit a close enough match for someone. They believed to be related to the attacker. After securing a search warrant. They learned the man's identity. Michael UH three. His son also stone-age Michael assery quickly became a suspect. The name Mike had come up in interviews with tap as someone he thought might have been involved and as the team researched. Michael US three. He seemed suspicious. He had social media connections and Idaho falls and had created a grisly short film called murder. Delia the film centered on a convict. Who Stabbed to death? Not Unlike Angie Slang.

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