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I need you to come through for me. It's a personal favor. I'm asking though, let me come to LA Shola to this game. And what's the Dallas Cowboys feeder Zeki eligible thirty plus time. And that Prescott look at like the second coming to Steve Young or somebody and a Dallas Cowboys defense led by Vandereycken, Jalen Smith that awesome linebacker crew. And I forget about DeMarcus Lawrence. I forget about Randy Gregory who's eligible these days. I forget about none of that. The brothers can play Dallas is going to hurt. This don't faint everybody. Don't catch your heart attack. You're hurting. Yes. I'm admitting Dallas going with the Super Bowl in the next five years with this defense. I'm sorry. The next three. That's going to Super Bowl. But not yet as they said in the movie gladiator not yet put a stop to this right now. Shut them down the ramp. Do not let them beat. You do not let them escape LA with a victory. Don't do it. Shut it down. Now. It eight say ESPN editing seven to nine three seven seven six. Let's go to Jack you lava Stephen eight what's up, Jack, even talk to me. You think the Atlanta Hawks have the future and the NBA? I don't give a damn do. You hear me saying anything about the Atlanta Hawks right now. I was talking about the Lakers. I'll talk about the Knicks. I'll talk about the NFL you're asking me to talk about a twelve and twenty eight team on a fast track to nowhere. I liked the kid that they drafted out of Oklahoma. He's nice. I get it. Okay. And are appreciated the direction they're going in question about that. I'll give credit where Credit's due. Lloyd Pierce is in his first day did an outstanding job as an assistant coach in Philadelphia. I like them I'll do and I'm looking at them right now. And I'm looking at the John college trae Young's average of fifteen and a half points ain't even shoot forty percent from the field of thirty percent for point rains. Don't talk to me about Al Atlanta right now. I don't care have a nice day. I'm sure they might have a future. They're going to go up. But how force further down. Can they go? What he wanted cookie? Brian you lava Stephen eight what's up we. We. Stephen. They was go what you're taught to me. What's up, man? I wanted to talk about the Niners in the Steelers. I believe we're going to get Rubio Jones. I mean, similar to the Pittsburgh style. I mean, who's gonna talk. Talk. All. First of all call up to the show giving shouts talk to me. That's number one number two. Who's getting Julio Jones the forty Niners? Okay. So you've brought up the Steelers in the forty Niners. So are you saying that the forty Niners are going to give Julio Jones Antonio Brown? Or are you saying they're going gonna get a Julio Jones or Antonio Brown? We might we might get really. Oh, Stephen like, I believe I get Julio. Why would Atlanta give Julio? Why would Atlanta give Julio because I mean, my column, hey, by I mean, he coached tonight. And there's and I think she had gone bring Julio do with the price of China's Julio Jones a free agent. No, he's not giving them up. Do your homework. Call me back tomorrow. Have a nice day. Julio Jones, Atlanta, crazy Hager. No, Julio Jones champ Alava, Stephen they go ahead man with a bro, you know, never really call back to back, but I had to call in authors NFL coaching. Yup. Yup. Go ahead early on the show. I take max was talking about is like flatly racism, but I'm taking a different angle this. If you pay attention to the guys in the media, the sports writers when you call in the games. So for in the talk shows they promoting the next office coordinator, that'd be the head coach..

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