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Let's see scarlett johansson is a couple of people ask me about scholar johansson chris rich bryce miles bryson miles and then maybe you know somebody library we'll go to chris rich bryce miles hey coy martin billy i want to know what you think of the new controversy long story short she took a role from the same directive ghosts in shell to play a trans male in film yeah i don't know put up story right here yeah you know something okay i don't know the whole story so i'm not gonna even comment that much on it will say that we are probably getting to the point where if you know there are a lot of people under represented and now i guess we're getting point where trans people who should probably get that that role to make it a to make if their towns enough to do it instead of casting somebody else there was not that's my first impression without reading the story remember story mean when might find that some other reason for her being cast but yeah i don't know man if you can you can catch somebody's definitely asians didn't that yet in the show totally get it i was never on board with that but i don't know i ever at the stores i read the story and so usually i'll comment and then i'll read the story lading and go like what they hate that said anything before i knew ain't heard about this yeah i hadn't heard about it i mean on the surface it sounds like a controversy just to have a controversy but it could be i look i'm gonna tell you something this is how feel about everything if you're underrepresented group and you have people talent who can do the job thank you should pull from a lot of people people so used to agents never saying anything asian finally people like shut up and that's what happens with everybody you get group has been taken and taking and taking because the it was just either the norm and we're quiet for longtime our people made them be quiet and they were shut out some kind of way now they've got the internet everybody complains what's actually billy you're an actor so this is something i would like an actor i could talk to like oh yeah to do is to take on playing characters that are not themselves that's like it's like the the goal is to really immerse yourself and somebody that you aren't and become that character so what what are you supposed to do where if you're offered a role that is that this is the dream that i want and somebody says like you can take it i can answer that though i mean during i mean it depends on what talking to talking to a dream that that that's i mean it depends what the role is it does your something she decides she wants to do it's one thing if i mean she's big enough in hollywood you know what i you know if something's more authentic especially if it's a minority you actor that should have it i'm sorry i i gotta go with that one yeah that's what i'm saying offer roles but you know you can't you can't take everything and you know enough white women roles go round i know yeah and it's just but it needs something that's not true the trans thing the transgender i don't know i'm not gonna come on that because the story i don't think about that but you look at something like last air benders shit like that come on yeah the whitewash the way i look the way i look at it as their certain roles yeah that that an actor should be able to take to play different types i mean we even saw and i i think if it was done as well as we're done again you can do something like what robert downey junior did in tropic thunder right there was a reason for that and he played any black man i don't think anybody can come in on to into a black man it's like no that was the joke but if you were making a movie where the central character and it's an important central character is representing that group give it to that group right you know ghost in the shell although that was fiction that will you know that was something that.

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