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Gerry McNamara there's the headline here house Democrat blasts in juvenile across your Cortez slamming her inappropriate cries suggestion that house speaker Nancy Pelosi is singling out is singling out of are her and her squad of fellow freshman because of their race right clay hammered her suggestion it it was such a weak argument to say she was being picked on and that for women of color being picked on by the speaker it tell you the level of ignorance to American history on their part as to what we as the democratic caucus are about yeah it is so inappropriate it is someone called for does nothing does it do anything to help with the unity it was unfair to speaker Pelosi where you're assuming that AOC cares about unity yeah Hey remember when someone would like Apollos he would say something and we add against someone due to weather is a female or maybe a person of color would say well why is she so racist you know it would be maybe back in the day they were it was it would might be a conservative person of color and we'd say well that's racist we were just kind of demonstrating right how they argue and they quickly jump to it I think that we don't even have to get into it A. O. C. does all the heavy lifting for us now just great think think about this you have a freshman Democrat who Joe Biden said mmhm just last week well she's extreme in some way but she's extremely intelligent Biden was forced to say yeah yeah because I'm on the coveted indoors on about a about a Congress person yeah who truly has V. who who truly has the knowledge of an elementary school student when it comes to how things really work in the world but he was forced to say that yeah because that's how powerful she is what you think you're going to back off now yeah no no you've had a freshman Democrat call the speaker of the house who was a Democrat and racist as we said last night I you you can't do anything from as we said in these chairs and just sit back and enjoy the show I look forcing them to say these things doesn't act this way I mean you know I'm back in the day I would have given money for someone to do what they're doing now for free just to put on the show this is this is who they are this is what the party has become you can say no no no it doesn't become but yes it has she's not the leadership yes she is you saw the furious response back yes sorry you may not think it but she is the leader of the she's the face of the party tell me what aside from you know being able to bring something up for her vote and we really don't care about that when it comes to Nancy Pelosi what is what power does she have been the party I mean influence power does she have right now is she the coveted endorsement for any of those running for president Nancy Pelosi no no no no Obama is not but it's a see is yes I mean think about this body would not be a coveted endorsement he's leading the holes right now now while travel.

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