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Winners. And was all for a lot. And I love to horse called Skurdal squirt in the Breeder's Cup sprint, and we used to have a rinsing show here in the Los Angeles area every. Day in Tuesday's. Handicapping show and with another handicapper. Loved A horse coming in from Europe for the Breeder's Cup sprint on there. And this had never been around turn. All of this sprints had been straight. On. So I mean to me it's not to say that that horse if he's that good runner couldn't win the Breeders Cup Sprint on the dirt at it could happen. But to me that's a horrid take a stance and let him beat me from the standpoint that he's got a double whammy never run on the Dirk and never run on turn. The. Horse I loved was trained by Bobby Frankel skurdal skirt and this was this is another thing that I players. To learn a lesson on in terms of what I did was squirrel skirt was you look through his past performances and you circled where he was at the six mark in all? His races and he ran in a flocks furlong races in his life and had had the lead at the six furlong. Point. But he would get beat in that last furlong. So to me, it was a big keyed hand that the Breeders Cup sprint, unlike the billionaire sprint. For longs that the Breeders Cup sprint is six furlongs and his record went from good to basically outstanding and he had Jerry Bailey. Now he one hole. So the pressure was them to get away from the gateway. Well. That he was a pretty big price at day. Remember what he went off of it. He was not like a favorite or the second. He's pretty nice price and I absolutely, it'll net a despite the fact Frankel. Brewers Cup that's under those tunnel to mean that guy was too good of a trainer with two good horses to are not going to keep that guy being shut out of the Breeders Cup for his whole life and Skurdal's sport came through beautifully. As a single for being pick six your. Name. By the way I. Know that's what I kept thinking like I've never heard of this guy got to look them up now. Because of this name Of. Squirrel squirt okay. Thank, he was A. Sprinter and but he really blossomed for Frankel and but like I say what really cost him from winning even more racist than he did he was a true sex for long or shorter horse, not a seven furlong horse and so there were a number of seven for long sprints he lost. Along. That's yeah. Mean that that is that's a big key especially when you look at the sprint being two different distances for the for the males and the females I think that I think that's kind of why it's the theory. I. Have a lot of times. You see a longer price in Philly and they're spread and I think it's because that extra furlong when you get to seven, you get a lot of specialists. I think at seven furlongs where six is kind of more of your standard you know. Distance for sprinter so. John here's a question while we're on that why? Why did they make that race seven furlongs? Do you have any idea because it doesn't seem like a natural distance for the sprint I? Agree I idea might just to guess would be the. act. When they first started worried about getting.

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