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Public like that Karina was a bold move or basically about the play she had left. How did it go. I mean based on what we saw. She was kind of asking for all this confrontation. didn't play out so great for her. Seventy people were selected to speak out of the one hundred fifty and most of them vented their frustration toward her administration her incompetence as a leader some even asking her to step down people were asking questions like why listen to one hundred fifty randomly selected citizens when you won't listen to over two million people who've taken to the streets three-fer question put like that yes us jackson-lee and some have even you know picked on specific incidents like Yunlong attacks when triads appeared at the subway stations and police didn't come in time I am to help people out people said how do you respond to those who've been brutally attacked and beaten up by the police what she like at because it varies enormously from politicians. Titian to politician is she good at dealing with people and at interacting with the public some some politicians have terrific aptitude for some just terrible where does where does she figure on that spectrum. We'll purely based on the past four months. We've seen that you know press conferences. At this dialogue specifically it just seemed like she had a list of responses a list of talking points and regardless of what was thrown out her. She would just say the same thing. She had no empathy not at all for the people. She didn't suggest made an make any suggestion that she would come to any sort of compromise so I mean it's telling of how just truly truly incompetent she has is as leader so if this meeting did not impress the people selected by lottery to be there all that much and it seems very much like it didn't did. Did it have a wider resonance. Did it attract a sympathetic response outside the venue well directly outside the venue. There were there. There were protesters surrounding the area and obviously before this all happened. She said you know this is a peaceful dialogue. I hope that we can come together. We can be be united but she there were riot. Police stationed outside with tear gas and rubber bullets at the ready so for her to to have that station patient there. It's just not welcoming for anyone. No one's going to feel safe. No one's going to feel like they can trust her. and unfortunately it took her four hours to get out of the venue because protesters were just so angry at the way that she handled last night well it is as we go to where either very late on Friday night the very early on Saturday morning in Hong Kong depending on on how you calibrate these things. What are you expecting this weekend in terms of protest so it's going to be the fifth anniversary bursary of the umbrella movement on Saturday tomorrow so and also as as we mentioned previously October first on Tuesday which is the seventieth anniversary of the People's Republic of China and to organize protests have been given the green light so people are allowed to take to the streets. There shouldn't be be violence. We hope that they won't there won't be violence. an speaking to some of the protesters and organizers they say that these upcoming marches are an opportunity for people people to mourn more than anything the lives of those who have been sacrificed for the past seventy years or those who you know the suicides have occurred it over the past four months as well so overall we we shouldn't expect a lot of violence particularly if the police have given the protesters the green light to go forward career choice. Thank you for joining us in just a moment. This is Monaco's house feud do stay tuned and at this point on the house view a shoutout to listeners in Melbourne and indeed Sydney who may find themselves unable to sleep for anticipation of tomorrow's Australian Football League grand final. The Australian state of Victoria is certainly unusual probably unique in observing two public holidays for sporting events one. The first Tuesday of November is Melbourne Cup Day in Fantas. The rest of the country pretty much takes the afternoon off for the race as well the other the last Friday my day in September is Grand Final Eve the day before the climactic match of the Australian football league season for which more than one hundred thousand listened people will fill the Melbourne cricket ground to watch the Premiership decided the football. They're watching is of course Australian Rules Football Australia's earliest peculiar passion the code correctly described by one Australian Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies as the greatest winter game devised by mortal men the clubs contesting the grand final this year Richmond from the suburbs of Melbourne founded in eighteen eighty five and greater western Sydney kidney from the outer suburbs of Sydney who only joined the AFL in two thousand and twelve a creation of the league at spectacular expense and with generous assistance assistance to further the cause of Australian rules in territory traditionally dominated by rugby league so there are many subtexts to Saturday but one of the weed is that this clash between the Tigers and the giants is also a contest of the two best a fill club songs. Here's Richmond's and here is greater western. Sydney's dowd from the club's songs are a curious quirk uh of the AFL all eighteen clubs have won and they are braid and bellowed by fans in the stands and players in the dressing rooms in the event of victory. The League's older establishment teams have mostly borrowed their's from familiar tunes. Jill lungs is the toreador song from bees as common Be Collingwood's started life as has the music whole standard goodbye. Dolly Gray in Carlton's stately anthem is the minstrel Choon Lily of Laguna and and the Saints Kilda serenade historically infrequent wins with an obvious choice the the canonical versions were recorded in the early nineteen seventies by a choir of Melbourne jazz players wrangled by a record company called fable the expansion of once the Victorian Football League to become the Australian football league during the nineteen eight thousand nine thousand nine hundred ninety s saw new teams added to the competition and therefore four the necessity of new songs in several regrettable instances original works were commissioned these all absolutely sucked and indeed suck still non worse than non more eighty s abomination which fanfares the West Coast Eagles onto the field greater western Sydney's splendid blended swaggering stomp is the work of Harry Angus of Millburn rock band the Cat Empire the no great football fan angus understood what was marvelous about the original clubs club songs an outcome is that blend of match. Oh braggadocio and arch high camp into something that sounds like it might have welcomed Soviet tank divisions back from the battle of Kursk Greater Western. Sydney are a new club with few fans and little history Richmond aren't old club but one of the best supported in the country with with a glorious heritage the two thousand nine hundred nine grand final this Saturday shapes as quite a game innovation versus tradition money versus passion Sydney versus Melbourne but whoever wins will have an appropriately rousing song to sing when the final siren's gone. I am joined now on Nichols Nicole's house view for reasons which will shortly become apparent by monocle research. Nick Milanese who being from Perth may first of all have something to say in defense of West Coast Eagles terrible and stupid stone. I don't I really dinosaurs crooked versatile. I think you'd find that most. West Coast Eagles fans also I think it's terrible so why does it possess because it is objective garbage. It's it's the it's the worst one thousand nine hundred radio rock drivel. It's even got someone playing bass with the thumb which should be a crime punishable Chaba by having the digits zone off one hundred percent agree and really. I think you would find moist paypal do why we persist. I think maybe a stubbornness but like like I was saying earlier when we were chatting about these walls. We're listening to your pace. We are constantly trying to reinvent it like we. We introduced a chant last year at the start of it to try and sort of jazz it. It sounds like a high school sports day. That's what it sounds like now that they've got the chance at the start. Well my attempt to bite you into controversy. There has clearly really failed so we should probably talk about the thing you're actually here to talk about which it says right here on the running order is Milton Keynes This is possibly not some it's ever happened on any of our shows before mcquarry talking about Milton Keynes we are talking about it because I was reporting there for the festival of creative urban living living now now. I don't know if you noticed about Milton Keynes or anything about have you. Have you heard it's been made fun of. It's the punchline for I've been there once. I think I went to see. Ram At Milton Keynes bowl a billion years ago this this cows as well right concrete castle museum I believe that would be concrete. Candles run the museum. No concrete cows are now housed in a museum but that that cuts to the core of Milton Keynes is made fun of four. It's the fact that you know. There wasn't really anything there. There was a joke they couldn't actually have agricultural farm to install concrete cows to make up the numbers it was a place that people didn't WanNa be necessarily it was started in nineteen sixty seven as part of the new towns movement where the British government basically declared a whole heap in new towns around the UK to move people out of the cities to ease overcrowding in them and Milton Keynes I guess became a the showpiece newtown. I know you are skillfully avoiding the question of why you were there. was there okay so. I think so because we're going to give you a little bit of Evan designed background so it was designed in the Garden City Movement where they had lots lots of housing with light industry and agricultural all mixed together in a single development. I guess surrounded by trees. The housing itself is absolutely outstanding. You're surrounded by greenery. There's ample open space at the front and the back of the houses. The issue is visit our you're not experiencing this yours simply driving through one of its many wide roads punctuated by roundabouts and not really getting the tree. Milton Keynes experience so the city council in setting up these festival wanted to try and showcase that so they're inviting people people to come and stay with a resonant to try and get an understanding for what it's like to live in Milton Keynes and why it's so good and is that what you did did you go and stay with some Milton Keynes. I did stay with a lovely eighty year old woman named poulain she we it was a quintessentially English experience we had fish and chips for dinner cool English breakfast in the mornings and Moshi. Oh she pays the night before a cup of tea it was it was delightful so he can intrigue listeners go online and sign up for this they can so the the festival runs from the twenty sixth the September to the thirteenth of October and it's not it's not just the beds united program which is what you spend the night in the city it's also hosted by the exhibitions and events of closed off part of the main street or the Midsummer Boulevard to house an ideas forum for I guess vision in the new future for Milton Keynes because it was it was meant to be a kind of utopia by having all these built you know these buildings surrounded by greenery and and you know it was the advent of the age of the car and they really embrace that but now they've gotta trying I guess envision a new type here and that's why they want to get people in and sharing their ideas and exploring at three this festival we can read all about this in an upcoming edition of Monocle you can I have have a observation at the start of the magazine and you can read about it..

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