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Right. The point that people are making is is very different than what you're coming in with. Well, not all straight men right that that's a different discussion they're they're trying to talk about something else and it's also twitter. So by saying APP solutions is part of its brand, of course, everything things are said as. Their said as true. They're like these takes that are just like, okay. Well, that's a tweet. You know it's just it's a tweet that's a that's a concept, but it doesn't necessarily be factor all encompassing. Yeah. It gets it gets to be a problem when people forget that it is not. Absolute it's not always there's not a hard by Mary it's not either or Ever never that there is gray and what's interesting is that online there's no such thing as gray. No. So everything online is black and white no pun intended right because it's text for the most part unless there's a video I guess but. But. We know the real world is gray right? We already know that and so two to say that in a space that they're trying to work out black and white, it's like, okay. Well, you're not GonNa Win Mary because he doesn't exist there doesn't. Yeah and you can just scroll by say okay I don't know if I agree with that I don't have to moving on new. Year's this great video of this. You know there's this I mean it's not on twitter, but there's this great video on Youtube of this guy holding doc and it's like stamping its little feet against draw. I. Love that one. So that's kind of what I look for is, where's the duck playing drum? Well I also will look at it. Tweet men are trash and I'm like. You know, yeah, it depends. It just depends. I. Don't necessarily go to I'm trash right because you know I just don't I don't go there I right? Because I know the world I know the language and I know what they mean I didn't know what they. Yeah it's context. Yeah. It's adding its coloring in the gray that's not there. Yeah. Right. Well, I'm happy for that discussion that happened in the quote, Unquote Social Justice Corner whenever they're doing the makeup here. Let's take a little break and when we come back, we'll continue talking about these looks. Hey Mary's let's talk about therapy for a minute. I could honestly talk about therapy all day.

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