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To bring into the bridge segment and hitch again with some great analysis in the state of wrestling but going forward we're going to start to transition into becoming known as not sam wrestling this podcast is going to be called not sam wrestling because it's too confusing otherwise nazi him dot com is my website not shoes underscore i g is the not shoes instagram account for all my stuff about sneakers not sam across all forms of social media nazi i'm dot com not sam wrestling a lot easier for everybody to remember so we're we're going to over the next few weeks transition into going from sam roberts wrestling podcast and not sam wrestling which i'm very very excited not sam as a content brand is going to continue to expand over the next several months and probably years as well but it's very fun for you guys to be in on the ground floor and this wrestling podcast is going to be a huge part of that because not sam as a content brand as a life styles brand i mean a huge pillar of that maybe the biggest pillar of that but a huge pillar of that revolves around pro wrestling and that's why this podcast sam roberts wrestling podcast aka not sam wrestling is going to be as important a part of it as any probably more so so we go into the interview segment this week it's a historical episode of same roberts wrestling podcast it's a very very important episode of sam roberts wrestling podcast of not sam wrestling because for the first time i don't think i've ever done this before but for the first time we're going to do a to partner a couple of days ago and some you guys saw it on twitter it was last weekend jeff jarrett tweeted out that he was jumping on an airplane.

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