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I'm not making this up. He's my guest right now. Tom Jones, welcome to the Erik metaxas show. Hey Eric, thanks for having me on. Look, I want to ask you so many questions. First of all, the principal reason I'm having you on is because you are going to be doing something fairly shortly along the lines you just described. What is this thing that you're going to be doing soon? Actually, I'm almost right in the middle of it. I've run 30 back to back marathons as we speak in the middle of it now. Yes, yes, we left April 19th from montevallo, Alabama, and I've been running a marathon a day every day since then, including today. A marathon a day, okay, that's not something I've ever done, even for a single day. So what you're doing right now, it's affiliated with united we pledge. What is united we pledge? Because I know your goal is to draw awareness to the constitution to American freedom. What is united we pledge? The united we pledge is a nonprofit organization and what they're doing is they're building a very special and magical place called the American village. And the American village is a place that has recreations exact replica recreations of buildings that were instrumental in the constitution and the Revolutionary War. And they also have people that play the parts of people that were instrumental in that time, like George Washington, Ben Franklin, Paul Revere, Paul Revere's wife, men and women, they have colonial soldiers. And what they do is they bring in families and in particular kids, and they let them step onto the stage of American history and become part of the story. So it's a very, very impactful experience as far as history goes.

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