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I'm the host Nick miles John Vincent sitting in the co host seat for today from US news and World Report you know I'm a fan of the mini brand and I enjoy I'm on my second many right now I enjoy it because it's got a million and one things but it's like being on a fairground ride every time I take it out it's that much fun to drive well I many revealed at the LA Auto Show first time they put it on the floor of an old I show it was their electric version of the many which is even more exciting because hopefully it'll have a lot more talking a lot more fun but to here to tell us a little more about the possibility of only one of these in the future from many himself Patrick McKenna pass the many electric did they get good reception in LA from the journalists and from those visiting the stand absolutely great to be with you the what was pleasantly surprising for me is the journalists to really focus on electric only they are probably some of the most optimistic because they think it's a perfect use case for the car a lot of them had experience from ten years ago from the test pilot we did with the car called the many Easter that thrilled to see the car back and they're really excited about the value proposition at twenty nine thousand nine hundred at the starting price hand and if you live in our again you can get that for ten thousand dollars less because our again has crazy incentives and then there's the federal incentive which I presume your you're a long way from hitting your cap of the federally sentence right yeah thankfully we still have sometimes a were available for the full seven thousand five hundred dollar federal and then you have state credit which are in many states these days which anywhere from five hundred dollars to four thousand and and you also have fuel savings on top of that so we compare it to a regular Cooper **** hard top gas powered and you know that can be as much is like three thousand seven hundred dollars averaging ten thousand miles a year for about six years so you know you can do the math and what your your mileage is but it it's really compelling so the car gets under twenty thousand when you really factor all these elements then is the car going to be sold in all fifty states all fifty states what we're doing is kind of a unique reservation system that actually opened up in the next few days so we're gonna timestamp everyone making a reservation at the five hundred dollar down payment that that many USA dot com or shop mini USA dot com and IDT putting five hundred out dollars down on on the model and then we'll follow up with calls from dealers to organize the transaction so how does the time stamp work when he goes from the first person to you know on down the list that made the reservation so it doesn't matter what state you live in like in test so you get your car in California used to get it for us but that's different be a with the way you do it yeah it's a it's a it's an equal opportunity system we decided to really make it available in all fifty states that all dealers were also doing that on a another model the GPA and it's working quite well and it's a good way to get really get the cars to where the customers are all right so let's talk a little bit about the vehicle pop from fuel saving and buying it for under twenty thousand dollars what else is it going to give us so the nice thing about this car as even the entry level car has a lot of standard equipment so LED headlights navigation CarPlay comfort accessories keyless entry heated seats and it has DC fast turning so we can do an eighty percent charge in about thirty five minutes that's not bad distance is about is is over a hundred miles on a single charge of this which is you know it's turning out to be less than a lot of people would need they give is gonna be hard for someone to use a hundred miles listed during long journeys and the average American commute in daily is about twenty miles so that's almost five days of round trips there and then you just pocket at that you're working you have it fully charge in the day which is kind of cool as well.

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