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Balls to Senator ground ball double play fly ball. Here deep down the right field line and that ball is gone homerun Rodriguez goes right down the right field line. Opposite way is second career home run makes seven to two, Dan Dickerson with the call on ninety Seven one that ticket the second of only two runs scored by the home team Detroit falling to. The White Sox today seven to two skipper Ron Gardenhire said that Homer, by Rodriguez, it was nice, to see as he's made some, recent adjustments at the place. Obviously the change goodness Android is hands down a little bit lower that's that's making a big difference for you know this league finds weaknesses really quick They watch a lot. Of video with his hands up there was free swinging and chasing guys hands down a little lower and he's getting a barrel to. Now so it's a good thing I don't look anything as a big home run hitter but he's, got some Tigers off until Tuesday they take on the royals. Then meantime the number three will never again be worn by Tigers player Alan. Trammell honored this, afternoon, before today's contest my hope is that one. Fans come to commerical park and see number three, out there on the brick wall The story. That will be told will be someone who. Played the game the right way was consistent and accountable it was my pleasure to have worn the old English My entire playing career elsewhere in the bigs the Yankees tap the Orioles Sunday night baseball from Baltimore five to three in New York, with the w. Hawaii now one of seven US teams to have won the Little League World. Series multiple times the boys from the Aloha state shutout South Korea today three to nothing they. Take, the. Championship for the. First time since two thousand eight word tonight the career of Red Wings captain Henrik Zetterberg may be. Over speaking to reporters in Plymouth head coach Jeff Blache is doubtful the Thirty-seven-year-old is able to, begin the season this all, due to that ongoing back Elman. Blasio ads it's unrealistic to expect Zetter bird to join the team midseason on the chorus Bryson to. Shambo finishing at eighteen under par taking the PG as Northern Trust following. The victory CBS sports asked the Twenty-four-year-old. About the possibility of becoming a captain's pick on this Ryder Cup team you know. What whatever happens happens I'm going to try and go. Play my. Best next week and see what happens after that Andrew Tate's. Is the winner of the one hundred second, running of, the Gold Cup race along the Detroit river, he son of Mark Tate who also won that race. Back, in nineteen Ninety-one and ninety four and a WW Jay is your home for Michigan football the seasons weekly sit down with head coach Jim, Harbaugh begins tomorrow. Night part of the coaches show on NewsRadio nine fifty it begins at seven. PM then come Saturday night the wolverines will kick off their twenty eighteen campaign from south bend. Sports, at. Fifteen and forty. Five minutes past each hour on w. w j traffic.

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