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On the right. A 93 W Weekend. Masha with chicks on. Hopefully, you heard in an earlier segment from a couple of segments ago. Our guest Alvin Louie, talking about his reasoning for coming from California to Indiana. Four schools, hoping to avoid this indoctrination that's happening across the country with our young kids, and we've got another example of the kind of indoctrination that's taking place at the university level, and it comes straight from right here in Indianapolis at Butler University, because now at Butler, incoming and future students coming into Butler University have to take a social justice and diversity. Class. It is now part of the core curriculum, and it is a requirement. Can you even? Yeah. I mean, I believe this. It's infiltrating all the schools, right? And I don't see how. I don't see why butler. Any of the universities around here would be an exception. Right? Just you hope that they will. I mean, listen, if somebody wants to take it, whatever be my guest requirements other's private right? Yeah, yeah. I mean, this is crazy, and we have university Butler University language professor Terri Kearney to thank for this nonsense. Terry proposed the idea of this being a requirement. Back in 2015. It was rejected by their counsel at the time. She tried again two years later in 2017, and this time it was accepted, And since then the faculty's been planning out how they're going to implement it. And so now it's happening. And so that so what You learn in your required Social justice class is you will learn first of all, to recognize multiple and intersecting dimensions of identity and inequity through the study of critical scholarship on the historical, cultural, political and or social experiences of marginalized communities. Okay, so there is AH BU College Republicans, remember why it I think it's a Brummett. He said. This is a bad addition to the existing list of required courses. This is a direct quote. I came to this university to get a college education not to be forced to listen to people talk about social justice and diversity. But by all means, If there is someone genuinely interested in the subject, then they should have it available to the absolute But to make it required is his crap. It is crapping especially because the second thing that you're going to learn if you if you're forced to take the class, which you will be if you didn't. If you attend Butler, you will identify and explain. The causes and impact of privilege, power and oppression and cultivate tools for overcoming conflict and promoting equality. And you will recognize and critique local, national and global conditions that enable perpetuate and challenge social injustice and inequities. Total indoctrination. Of course it'd do you remember when I would You remember this too? And we both went to college and you went to university, Kansas? I went to university, Tennessee for undergrad. I don't remember having to do any required anything except for what was in my course of study. Well, they're prerequisites right before a major, but the actual hard top, But those were like algebra, algebra exam, like in clash and stuff like that. I mean, they were this It just But then you got to take, you know, just you just had to take required coursework. That was coursework that was relevant to your course of study. That's it. I mean, and then you paid for that. But the fact that like people have to take this and they have to pay for it. I'm assuming yeah. That is. You can't take other stuff without taking this. Yeah, this I mean, that socks head sucks. Yeah, And then just like I'm embarrassed for Butler. Yeah, I am too. Is that Wow And I'm sure that they're not anywhere near to being alone. I'm sure lots and lots of colleges and universities are making this a requirement. They're gonna follow suit. This is going to become the thing now. What a waste. What a waste of a of a of a class period that you could take learning something of actual value only and pen parents and you know, students wonder why universities are so damn expensive now. This is one of the reason jaw because somebody has to teach this His eminence diversity staff. They have departments for it Now. You don't think that cost money? Well in a lot of times, the administrators that air diversity are inclusion. Administrators make more money than anybody else, right? It's raising its crazy as so unnecessary and such a bunch of bull crap. Yeah, and I'm sure it's incredibly one sided to because you can't have a social justice class that presents a conservative conservative you not R. That's just that's not even a thing. Not at all weekend.

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