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In Lansing, Michigan, on that was just maybe still be going on right now. And ah Earlier he was urging voters to flip their ballots and some things you can't know. What do you know? Using voter fraud? Well, there actually are some states out there that allow you To go back in and say, Hey, I screwed up. This is these air mail in ballots. You can go in and say, Hey, I already voted for Joe Biden. But I have to see in the debate. I think I've changed my mind so you can call him and say, Give me my mail in ballot back. I want to change it before the election and you can actually do them. In New York voters who have cast absentee ballots, then change their mind convert on Election day and affecting validating their absentee ballots. Something just say, Hey, throw that one away. And I'm just going to vote on Election Day. In the meantime, we have this postal worker facing federal charges for throwing 112 mail in ballots in the Dumpster. This is the Shawn. I guess. Beau's ary baby O J G R A E. Former employees of the United States Postal Service facing federal charges of obstruction of correspondence Traveling trash more than 100. Absentee mail in ballots, 320 pieces of second class mail 69 pieces of flat rate Mayo and two flyers. The ballots, along with the other pieces of mail were discovered in a Dumpster in Louisville in mid October. This guy's 30 years old, he confessed to throwing away the male, but he's not released a statement explaining away The balance he disposed of had not yet been filled out, so it's unlikely that he was I don't know. I mean, we don't know who they were going to. I don't know what his motivation was just somebody's probably crazy, but that's all the more reason you don't want to leave this Tio, and that's not against the Postal Service. But any Third party out there. I vote firsthand in in person myself, whether it's early. I still haven't gotten to do the early voting yet, and I think we have until the 29th or something like that. So I will try it again in another day or so. It's just my mornings so busy then obviously I'm on the radio in the afternoon. And then some other time. I wish they opened up before nine o'clock. That was that. That's the problem because we start pod goat stuff at nine o'clock, and so I got to be here and then if I want to go, I got to find a time to slip out during the middle of the day, and that's A rare thing is busy is your old Uncle Phil is but I will vote. There's no doubt about that. If it means taking You know the entire Tuesday morning off of the election and making sure that I have time to vote. I will vote and you need to do the same thing. So let's see what else we got on the Oh my gosh. We have the polls showing Trump surpassing the 2016 vote. This is from the International business. Daily Tip tracking poll shows Joe Biden's national lead over Donald Trump, slipping nearly three points overnight from seven points to 4.4 points. This was one of most accurate pollsters in the 2016 election and keep in mind. I think Hillary and a winning by 3223 points, whatever once It was three million votes. The latest Biden versus Trump Pole from II be the tip suggests the race has become competitive. With just one week to go. They report President Donald Trump's support. Has surpassed his 2016 share of the vote. And the I B. The Chip presidential poll UPDATE while Vice President Joe Biden appears to have lost ground among some key groups. And we'll get into them. Right now buying enjoys 50.7% support compared to Trump's 46.3%. That's an important stand right there, and I'll explain why in just a moment. Trump's 46.3 support. Is r percent support is a new high water mark in the IBM's tip presidential poll topping his 46.1% vote share in 2016. It should be noted that Biden is running 2.5 points ahead of Hillary Clinton's shear of the 2016 votes. At least for right now, the closest the race has gotten in this particular pole. Is Trump coming within 2.3 points a week ago, since Biden has been maintaining a steady lead in the seven point range, But now that we're Three full days out of the final presidential debate. Things appear to be tightening in Trump's direction leased for now. Rass muss another one. The few pollsters who got 2016, right Release. The National poll today are actually yesterday that has trump leading by a single 0.48 to 47% and this weekly tracking poll, Trump closed what had been a 12 point gap in just a few weeks. Now here's the interesting part that went through our soldiers will come back to the stand. There is also this from Rasmussen. That the president now enjoys 51% approval. 51% if that's true. It is highly unlikely the people approve of them and then throw him out of office, so it's highly unlikely they would approve of Biden Mohr. But that's where that is. And so we got all this to just to sort of digest. Now tonight. John Tucker show on Fox. He's going to devote the entire hour to Tony Baba Linsky. And the corruption of the Biden family. And so I don't know whether this has been pre taped. Or whether he's going to do it all live. I don't know. But he's interviewing him. Tony Belinsky. Tucker tweeted in a viral post. The media have suppressed the story, but it's really matters. Voters have a right to know the details. And that will be tonight. On Tucker Carlson show. Talking to a source for me with the production's planning. Bob Belinsky will play recordings of Biden family operatives begging the former business partner to remain quiet. The tapes claim that Bob Alinsky's revelations will bury the reputations of those implicated, the Federalist cofounder Sean Davis reported. The former Army intelligence officer came forward to confirm that big guy was an alias for Hunter's father cited in an e mail dated May 13th 2017. I thought this guy was in the Navy. And then I heard he was in the air Force. I don't know. They say Army intelligence officer now. As first reported by the New York Post. Correspondent's elucidated positions, titles and associated cash payments. And specifically laid out 10% set aside for the big guy. Bob Belinsky implicated. The elder Biden and his brother, Jim, allegedly that both family members were coordinated in Hunter's perspective transactions. With the Chinese energy and finance conglomerate C E F A C E C. F And at the second and final presidential debate last week. Course President Trump invited Bob Lynskey is a special guest, and during the televised face off, Trump directly asked Biden about his role as the big guy named in the scandal. And as you well know, Biden is saying this is all a Russian conspiracy. Oh, yes, It's all the Russians. The laptops. The Russians. Are you serious? The laptops is the laptop from hell, Joe. It's a laptop from him. So now as we get down to the You know what cutting here one week before this election, we have President Trump urging voters down over the changer votes but betting on their enthusiasm. And so I tried to read tea leaves here and try to figure out who's were.

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