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And if you happen to not know what we're talking about here are few quick details gabrielle. Petito a twenty two year old white woman and her fiance. Brian laundry left new york back in july for what was supposed to be a four month. Long cross country trip now. Some things went down apparently during their trip. Because gabrielle's fiance returned to his florida home so low on september firs gabrielle was reported as missing by her family ten days later ultimately the fbi found gabrielle's remains in wyoming's bridger teton national forest earlier. This week a search for the fiancee. Who has now disappeared is still in progress. Yeah and there's been a lot of press focused on this story and the internet itself has pitched in with some social media sleuthing here too and while the situation is terribly tragic a number of advocates have pointed out that many other people particularly people of color who's missing persons cases. Don't get a focus on primetime cable news or what felt like wall to wall coverage from the new york times. Exactly here's lynette. Gray bull director of the nonprofit not our native daughters in an interview with. Msnbc's jillian reed putting a spotlight on indigenous missing persons. You know if you don't have blonde hair and blue eyes are story. Do not make it to the six o'clock news. We barely get a story into the paper. You know however. I just think everybody come into the table addressing the issue being accountable and making sure that when somebody goes nephew murdered in our community that it's equally prevent it and have a sense of urgency. So get in the late legendary journalist gwynne eiffel actually coined this term about twenty years ago missing white woman syndrome to describe the ways our culture and media specifically gets when the victim is a white woman but doesn't necessarily keep that same energy for folks from other communities. The fact of the matter is that we seem to care less when the person who goes missing is of color even though we as folks of color go missing at higher rates. Yeah into that point. Let's actually talk about some of what we know here right. So let's start with the missing indigenous folks. Because the rates are tragic specifically in wyoming where gabrielle's body was found seven hundred and ten indigenous. People went missing between two thousand. Eleven and two thousand twenty over. Half of them were women. This is according to a study done by the university of wyoming which found that while half of those missing persons were found within a week. Almost a quarter of them went missing for a month or longer comparatively only eleven percent of white people remain missing for that long the study which we can link to in our show notes also found that only eighteen percent of the indigenous women who were reported missing received media coverage. Wow yeah and so that's just wyoming. What about the us overall and do we have a sense of why this is the case so the us department of the interior said earlier this year that there were roughly fifteen hundred american indian and alaska native missing persons in the national crime information center database. This number though does not include instances that were not documented by authorities and considering study after study notes the ways folks of color are more often deemed the cause for or perpetrators of violence and crime or those studies that note the way certain authoritative figures are less likely to believe folks of color advocates say many more indigenous families are dealing with missing persons than the stats. Let on as for why. That's unfortunately hard to say. A two thousand eighteen a. P. story we can link to says that there hasn't been a government database tracking these cases. So it's hard to find a common thread but the article quotes one university of kansas professor. Who suggests that some of these people might have been the victims of sexual violence. This is so much of an issue though that the interior secretary deb holland announced in april the creation of a new missing and murdered unit within the bureau of indian affairs office to help put the quote full weight of the federal government into investigating these cases and hopefully that has positive results there. And there's also been over the last few years a lot of discourse about the rates of missing black people as well especially women girls. Yeah advocates lagged. Erica wilson co founder of the organization. Black and missing have called for the media law enforcement agencies and everyday people to be as concerned about missing black folks as they are with gabrielle. Petito and to such people whose families are searching for their loved ones right now are gilani day a twenty five year old illinois state university graduate student who went missing last month and daniel robinson a twenty four year old arizona. Geologists who went missing back in june in the show notes. We're gonna link to an npr story about both of them as well as black and mrs website which has resources for folks in search of their family. Members are gideon shifting gears to the pandemic yesterday president biden led a virtual summit on it in the midst of the ongoing meeting of the un general assembly and. He made this pledge. United states is buying another half billion doses of pfizer to donate to low and middle-income countries around the world. This is another half billion doses. That will all be shipped by this time next year and brings our total commitment to donate of donated vaccines to over one point one billion vaccines to be donated. We previewed that such an announcement could be on the way but gideon whitmore came out of this address. This so part of the plan to vaccinate seventy percent of the global population by next september although we should note here that this purchases just a tiny fraction of what. It's gonna take to actually do that but the point. That biden was really trying to drive home at the summit was that it was going to take a collective global effort to end the global pandemic. He also announced a new partnership with the eu on upping global vaccinations with the eu committing to donating around five hundred million doses itself to income countries. Plus there's some news about helping other countries make their own vaccines. Yeah this is always been a big part of the discussion so they're also funding commitments from the us for manufacturing facilities and then the eventual administration of shots specifically a partnership with india japan and australia. That biden said quote is on track to produce at least one billion vaccine doses in india to boost the global supply by the end of twenty twenty two now keeps saying twenty two week keep saying tweets because he is saying it and one of the questions that has really come up is what can be done now. Not actually in two thousand two. And that's one caveat of this new biden plan for those pfizer doses which was pretty frustrating to some activists so only three hundred million of the one point one billion promise doses overall are set to be shipped out this year so there are a lot more problems to solve in the immediate future. Time really is a factor here so according to the ap the world health organization said that only fifteen percent of promise donations vaccines from wealthier. Countries have actually been delivered thus far. That's disappointing One part of the vast disparities in vaccine access and vaccinations. Globally is the role of wealthier countries. But another is pharmaceutical companies. Who make them. So what's the update there. The white house reiterated support for waving intellectual property protections for cove in nineteen vaccines yesterday and basically underpinning of that argument in theory is give even more countries the opportunity to make vaccines instead of relying on just a few who can buy them. And there's this really interesting near time story that we can link to the dives and more on the pressure. That companies like madonna pfizer are facing so a group of drugmakers and vaccine manufacturers is reportedly getting ready to ask the by the administration to really pressure these companies a lot more aggressively for things like licenses to intellectual property and technology that's used in manufacturing vaccines so advisor only agreed to sell the doses at the us would donate overseas but not to actually license. The technology and then with madonna apparently both the administration and the world health organization have had trouble in talks with madonna and so one of the responses that we hear from executives of these companies. Is that the technology and the know how of it is so complex that it actually wouldn't be expedient to try to set it up in other parts of the world but again it is very much worth mentioning that there are enormous financial incentives for these companies here not just for the cove in nineteen vaccines but for other marna vaccines they have in development and finally there was some news about booster shots for people in the us yesterday. What are they telling us. Okay to other very quick things before we move on here. The fda did in fact authorize a pfizer biotech booster vaccine for people sixty five and older and those who are at risk of severe disease including because of where they might work advisors to the cdc are going to continue to meet today to basically decide on who is going to get this and win and then one other thing that you may or may not have seen a johnson. Johnson announced earlier this week that he's second dose of its vaccine that is given two months after the first was ninety four percent effective against infection. Any infection at all in trials tomorrow. We're.

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