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By, the way I'm GonNa show you have things to do right now I'm gonNA prove to you. I'm to take some calls Matt in La you're on the Max Kellerman show bed. Mac First of all, we missed you in L. A.. Yes. Gave me Mac. Radio Max. And you've got me through Holly I've heard that I've heard that. Is, true you and cell is every day man you guys got me through college back and books work in the library so thank you, Matt. Just you are welcome. This is a very good introductory call Raj see how gratefully is go ahead. This Lakers blazers theory as the Lakers fan here in la always loved watching dame will it from afar Jews ridiculous. Love, to see him go off like this but hate, it has to be him against eliminated in six. You know we're not worried about that but all I can really think about is why does be this way? You know why can't we dame go against the clippers and those clowns that disrespected. The most really, I would rather. Than Than Dallas if I was the Lakers or Rather, play Portland in Dallas I think Portland can win I think think Portland has the best player in the bubble right now I think Dallas might be the best team in the bubble right now. Dowse can win the championship right now I'm just telling people that's a that that is absurdly Like for a team big to have that kind of talent. And Marcus Spears pointed it out earlier. Dodges six, seven, six, eight, Porzingas, seven three. Boban is like eight feet tall. How Tall Bob when Porzingas isn't your tallest guy can play. And then you have a finished Smith is a defense five positions and can shoot. I mentioned like the little guys in the back court who weren't defenders but can shoot like, Trey. Burke is an offensive player always has been and Steph curry is like he's like an all time great level shooter Seth Curry could shoot the lights out. Everyone. I just mentioned can shoot dodge take six, seventy, three's a game however many he's though he has like shooting thirty, one, thirty, two percent he's the only guy doesn't hit him a lot. Cleveland six, ten guards. Multiple.

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