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The official told ap rough journey. Were alpin. sta who roy argue has been raving of this lands. Her first group one. This was the plan. Says sir mark prescott. I'm sure with the cuban cigar in one hand and a glass of brandy and the other. I think he's author cigars on he doesn't drink brandy well. You can do it for so thanks for crushing that image expert just crushing that image entirely gone dave decided to go to germany and they picked up. Eighty nine thousand and crucially. They've picked up a group by the way a new. Brian said that snowfall is working. Impressively ahead of york as her countdown to the continues so anyway back to thanks to another winner for frenkel. Frankel is crushing in the stellian. Rankings this season. But what you make this. We've got walton street in there to try and give us some kind of level of an idea of the form listening. Drum group ones are strong A comparatively speaking on the are there for the taking with horses huang to perform interestingly out-pizzas at grantham was aldo nova He was an upset smashing mayor. won't brad again by kirsten rising trend by some mark. Prescott should all her winning in germany. One she wants three Gray ones in germany was also second In the price on europa oil wishy one before. so i'm interestingly She'd won the pinnacle stakes before going on to watch a groupon success in germany and openness. A would've won the pinnacle stakes which was taken on the morning of the rhys But she won't be Lancashire roofs and steph was up to remember preview by nashashibi. Alds on four for but this was a step forward in for trump. She's improves to the season. Just typical typical family typically Stein as well she was very promising was second to love. I was some of winning a listed race Appear on a very good second to the ocean last year. She's progressing a big chunk this time around two and a half lengths. You end up winning some surprise for berlin luke. Morris didn't spare it has to be know. That's just look more. Luke morris gonna look morris but she won. She wanted to style and she found plenty for pressure on itemization. She will be bound for the ride. Interestingly there's a surprise well it's it's it is a splendid interesting is it is a bit of a surprise because look pretty much voids. uk bonds Seems to be understanding that although his his action looks quite extreme. I'm i'm guessing it's been it's been proven that apps is kind of a two part with action which means a low heath his. His aunt was above shoulder height. Eight doesn't bring whip straight down from there but it's still. It's still not particularly pretty to watch. It does look as though he's hailing a cab elsewhere its bounds for it so it does look as always hailing a cab but it appears as though there's an understanding between the british shorts ceiling einstein speed up the both the boss has given him. The seal of approval has yeah. He hasn't indeed and he was celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of his first winter this year. So he's going to be transferring. His license to william butler the at the end of the season this country that oh wait just he's just keeping the butler. Boy stringing them along for few shot. that's the way to do it. That's how retirement because he no no. He's he's a nine stays in. Tanzania said this is the first decision is who he can see himself handing over to. So we've basically said he will be handing over. William will get the license but he might have to wait until these. You know another seventeen years. Seventeen years he wouldn't be cutting chicken. Everything's getting at the end of the season where we're an extra needs to. She's in the yorkshire oaks. I don't think they turn right. That quickly The the the champion video mistakes target for her joys the end of the season but she will sue They will be looking for attorneys for germany as well. I don't have german calendar in front of me nor a hand but was the obvious. It makes sense though that that her her grand tom. Despite being trained in newmarket was voted german horse. Lear in mccheese hundred four. So you know will. They will happily He to creatures the compositions on trainers training for fifty years even more so so They will address. You might stand training vanilla season as well. The look at them a grid on prices in germany but always watch once you capture. Group wants group the away. That's that's the key thing in when you have one than is you know you're often looking for the weakest group three or group through. You can guess. But once she wants to make the breakthrough you can only stay about level or step up. So she's one night so it's group wants all the way. Speaking of group owns all the way as we return to home soil. When i say home soil. I mean aren't and If you're in the uk and the vast majority of the listeners are because population is bigger When things are safe come on over come on over the hospitality Particularly in the southeast and The west of ireland is just. Oh it's phenomenal and views down in west cork and killarney The history in kilkenny Why am i doing an advert for the irish tourism board. I don't know become on over On come over to the races. There's a lot to be excited about irish. Mp weekend it's going to be fantastic government. Please do not do anything stupid. the phoenix sprint stakes. Just briefly touch on this. John joe murphy is going to be sending gustavus western. Sounds very german to the haydock sprint cup. Where he will do something that no ours done since one thousand nine hundred seventy to win the race. What's his chances on the basis of this victory in the group. Three rory What is this was a career. Best from him and he some. He's say suddenly improved but he has. He's some run too much higher level last. The last few runs He's ever done before. Which i guess is the definition of a southern improvement. Listening is report as a juvenile But he you know like a lotta A lot of sorts printing juvenile's. He seemed to tread water then for For while after that On some seem to find his level which was basically sort of a listed company. Another ahoy pop up you know he would run these races but he wouldn't say wouldn't spend too much time thinking about him but all of south needs He's looking One of the best friend not less. So that's some that's a three nonsense saw since may He finds plenty for pressure on both occasions Certainly he certainly was. Well positioned the way this risk went but then again you know he's also wanna buy them by decent margin So it can be an advantage to get on the got on the real. The curragh was the previous meeting He's not normally a front runner either but he he got it all running on. He was better. physicians The up for example. But he's well it won't by two and a quarter lengths which i need you and a half in the end an alluded through the rest. You think well he's not. He's not beating absolute superstars and behind their. You know these irish sprinting. Never been Has never really been a thing. We've only had some rip once brinton ireland's for the last three years. Isn't there. well yes. But i have i have to interject and give massive credits eddie. Lynam and for that. Matter to edna brian as well like i know that he's taken a former australian horses and One group owns them in the uk..

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