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You know what we might do that if we play you know who we. During zone opening night and my autumn on by now tainted that lost their magic how that rain help. When you're buying cubic zirconiums you get one. That's like ten inches tall. Gdp do you need a mask thing. Really yes he gonna put put a mask or down down big and bright really yup. That would that would say that. I don't know if it's true or not. Well all i know for sure is sixers. Thanks to daryl. Morey just became much more of a tender and all of a sudden. The heat is on steph curry to live up to his back-to-back. Mvp's this year with no clay and maybe baby brother is starting to say. Wait a second. What about me. Golden station trade steph to us to make us. Why would they do that. Why not i mean. Don't you want to win championship. Can you imagine steffi lebron in a d. Do you want to just to be completely rigged so that you know again. You ain't got no problem with it being real good they. The brooklyn nets. Get james harden every. But you don't think that'd be rigged you think. That'd be a disastrous. Don't you think this'll be a disaster. With lebron i do not trick of into something. I don't know big over there. Not bringing up the cubic zirconiums say that so much on the show. It's still a championship onto your privacy. Guys listen up. Tom brady has given younger. Hopkins high praise. Receiver tweeted that he would give a sign jersey to the best response to his game. Winning catch last week over. Three defenders brady responded with a goat beam which prompted hopkins to say. Quote and tom brady wins again. Followed by of course emoji shannon. Is this the greatest alter tom..

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